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Five Strategies to Reduce Your Stress in the Workplace


No matter how much we love our jobs, we all get overwhelmed at work. A recent survey by the American Psychological Association indicated 65 percent of Americans state work is a main source of daily stress—while only 37% of us know how to manage it. According to the Mayo Clinic, chronic stress increases headaches, fatigue, and depression while decreasing [ Read More ]

Behind Summit: A Chat With Nicole Luisi

2019-09-03T16:00:29-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

Aileron’s Director of Research & Development, Nicole Luisi, shares the beginnings of Summit, why she’s passionate about the conference, and how it helps her find harmony in her everyday work. Nicole, you were one of the driving forces behind the inaugural conference last year. What inspired you and Aileron to launch Summit in the first place? We’ve built our [ Read More ]

Why You Should Stop Striving for Work-Life Balance

2020-12-22T09:39:50-05:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

Open up Forbes, head over to HBR, or scroll through Thrive Global, and you’ll see plenty of pieces discussing burnout. People are working long hours and neglecting their health. Workers are answering emails at 12 AM and skipping vacation. Employees aren’t taking advantage of health programs and sitting for too long. The solution? Work-life balance. The answer, according to [ Read More ]

Business Owner Only Hires People Smarter than Him

2022-03-31T14:48:35-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

When Travis Greenwood was nineteen, he learned a meaningful leadership lesson he still applies today as a small business owner. Travis was a sophomore in college, working as an intern at an association management firm. Each day, after work, he’d catch a bus to get back to his college campus. On one particular day, Skip, Vice President of the [ Read More ]

Celebrating 10 Years on Campus

2022-03-31T14:52:19-04:00Aileron News|

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years." (Bill Gates) In April of 2008, we opened our campus and began providing a place specifically designed for leaders to plan, think, and advance their business. We thought about our people and about our community. We dreamed of the leaders that would [ Read More ]

Strategic Planning: Where Do You Start? (Podcast)


Strategic planning is an ongoing process, so where do you start? In an interview with an Aileron Client, Martha Shaker, President of Concept Rehab, we discuss how to evolve your strategy and begin your strategic plan. Show notes: [1:00] Martha Shaker answers the question: "What was going on in your business before working on strategy?" [ Read More ]

How to Make the Jump to a Management Role (Podcast)

2019-09-03T16:05:37-04:00Leadership, People Development|

What has changed for Heather Brown—and the company she works for—since working with Aileron? Heather Brown, now a Production Manager for Ramco Electric Motors, answers that question and more in our latest podcast. During her 12 years with the company, Heather explains how she's worked her way up within the organization. Learn how she learned key tools from Aileron [ Read More ]

What is Professional Management?

2022-06-17T12:37:15-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

This Insights post has been updated. For our latest thinking on professional management, see our most recent post here.  In the video below a number of small business owners explain—in their own words—how professional management has helped their businesses. Professional management is something that can help you run your business, rather than letting it run you. It [ Read More ]

Five Things to Know About Business Advising at Aileron


What can you expect with a Business Advisor at Aileron? How can you get the most out of all your Business Advisor Sessions? Whether you have Business Advisor Sessions or are considering them, here are 5 things you should know about Business Advisor guidance at Aileron. 1. Business Advising is all about you. As Mark Thompson, a former Aileron Business Advisor, [ Read More ]

Can Addressing Self-Doubt Improve Your Culture?


Sharing self-doubts with your leadership team may not seem like a way to make your business stronger, but for Dave Dunaway, it helped him turnaround his company and create a great company culture in the process. Every Company Has Setbacks Since 1993, after taking the reigns of the company from his father, Dave has been Owner and President of [ Read More ]

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