What is Conscious Leadership?

Regardless of our title, status, age, or experience level, we’re all leaders. The question is not whether you lead, but how you lead.

At Aileron, we believe the best way to lead is consciously. Conscious leadership is an approach to leading the self and others that emphasizes radical self-awareness, energetic responsibility, and a we > me mindset.

Traditional vs. Conscious Leadership

Traditional Leadership Conscious Leadership
Motivates with: Authority and power Active listening and coaching
Leaders are: Self-focused; independent and performance-driven Self-aware; connected and in tune with the team
Work-life balance: Work comes first Work and life exist in harmony
Communication style: Tight-lipped and top-down; shares with and seeks input from a small group Transparent; shares openly and often; asks questions and seeks input from all
Prioritizes: Me We
Culture: Results are prioritized, sometimes at the expense of people People are prioritized, which drives better results

What do conscious leaders believe?

A few of the tenants of conscious leadership include:

  • Suspending judgment: Conscious leaders stay curious rather than jumping to judgment. Doing so opens our ability to see different perspectives and better understand others.
  • Thought-emotion-action: Our thoughts become our emotions become our actions. Conscious leaders know changing behavior begins with changing their thoughts.
  • Self-awareness: Conscious leadership begins with leading the self. Developing mastery in leading ourselves requires that we become more keenly aware of who we are and make choices about how we show up.
  • Energetic responsibility: Our energy – the sum total of how we think, feel, and act – is ours to own. Conscious leaders take full responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Begin your conscious leadership journey

Explore Conscious Leadership is an opportunity to increase your self-awareness and learn how to consciously choose how you want to lead. It’s more than reflection; you’ll take an assessment before the workshop and come away with new tools to grow yourself as a leader, personally and professionally.

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