What is Leadership Coaching? | Aileron

We believe we are all leaders. It’s not a question of whether you lead, but rather how you lead and what impact your leadership has on your team, your business, your personal life, and yourself.

And while we are all leaders, we all may not have robust training in how to lead. It’s hard to clear the path for others and empower them to do their best work when we ourselves haven’t practiced the skills (self-awareness, self-regulation, intentionality, etc.) that help us become better leaders.

Leadership coaching is dedicated time to focus on your development with a Certified Professional Leadership Coach who is trained to help you reach your goals.

Leadership coaching creates specific, guided time to focus on your own capabilities and the outcomes that matter most to you, propelling your personal growth and empowering you to lead well.

What to Expect from Leadership Coaching at Aileron

A Google search for leadership coaching training or leadership coaching services yields literally millions of results to wade through. Add in terms like executive coaching or business coaching, and it’s even more overwhelming to determine which coach might have the leadership training or style to serve you best.

At Aileron, you don’t have to guess. Here’s what to expect:

Consistent Leadership Coaching Training

All Aileron leadership coaches have the same training and credentialing through iPEC. Regardless of which coach you’re matched with, you can expect a consistent level of coaching, terminology, and overall style to help you move forward.

Coaches with Entrepreneurial Experience

Each of our leadership coaches has previous and/or current experience leading a business, so when they say they understand your situation, they do. Like you, they’ve been in the weeds of urgent needs and had to learn how to work on the business, not just in it.

Integration with Your Business

Our DOC System of Professional Management applies to our leadership coaching program. Together, we look not only at your personal goals, but also the impacts on your business. (This isn’t the same as a business advising session, but rather thinking about how your leadership style relates to/impacts your business.) We use the DOC System to help uncover where you want to go, then chart a path forward.


Most of our coaching pairs meet every other week so you have time to apply what you’re learning and come ready to discuss what’s working and what needs more fine-tuning. We start each session with the end goal in mind so we stay focused on what you want to work toward and the steps that will move you there.

In our experience, everyone benefits from a thought partner, especially when faced with difficult life situations or when you’re trying to make the best decisions in a stressful situation. But even in “normal” times, we believe every leader benefits from the intentional, focused time and structured support that leadership coaching provides.

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