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While every person who works with Aileron is different, everyone joins our community for the same reason: they believe something could be better.

We’re here to help you dig into your business challenges, articulate where you want to go, and make a clear path to get there.

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Your Aileron Journey Begins Here

Start a 45-Minute, No-Cost Conversation

When you tell us you’re ready to learn more, your Aileron journey can begin with a simple conversation that costs you nothing more than your time. The session is casual and candid; you don’t need to come with anything prepared. We’ll talk through what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to be.

Have questions before you start, or feeling especially eager to get started? Call (937) 669-6500 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and our team is happy to assist you.

Identify Next Steps

Next, you’ll work with your Aileron team to determine how to begin building a better business and a better life. Together, you’ll use the Aileron Professional Management system to assess the health of your business and set priorities for the business and life you want.

Grow Forward

The adventure begins! You’ll attend workshops, meet with your Coach, and learn from your peers in the Aileron community. Over time, we’ll adjust your plan; growth is not linear, and as you and your business change, so will your needs. But by working with Aileron, you will always keep moving forward.

What Our Community Has to Say

“Thanks to Aileron, we are a dramatically stronger, more efficient, and more sustainable business than we were a decade ago.”

“I no longer work crazy hours, no longer feel torn with stress, and no longer have to fight to keep the doors open, like in the early years.”

“Working with Aileron has been instrumental in helping me more than double my company’s revenue in the past three years.”

“Aileron is a key ingredient to our recipe. Helps me develop know-how, reignite passion, and awaken to clearer vision.”

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