Remembering our Founder: Clay Mathile’s Reading List | Aileron

Aileron’s founder, Clay Mathile, was a lifelong and voracious learner who had a strong appetite for growth; often times, he turned to reading as the pathway to that growth. Clay was known to seek out books that challenged him and enabled his own continuous self-improvement, often looking to learn from accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs who had documented their own learnings in published books. Below is a curated list of the books that made the biggest impact on Clay’s career and life.

Clay Mathile Reading List | Aileron

Many of the books Clay read and found value in are available for our community to rent and read in our Info Commons; the next time you’re on Campus, spend a few minutes perusing the Info Commons shelves for a book that might inspire the next-best version of you or your business.

Continuous education and self-development were just one chapter in Clay’s remarkable story. Read about his devotion to family, his commitment to entrepreneurial education, his legacy at The Iams Company, and more at

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