Remembering our Founder: The Importance of Dreaming for Entrepreneurs | Aileron

On Campus, you’ll find a quote from Clay Mathile that we hope inspires you as much as it does us:

“Dream no little dreams, for they have no magic to move men’s souls.”

German philosopher, writer, and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe first penned a variation of this inspiring quote. While history has skewed its exact text (some iterations trade “men’s souls” for “men’s hearts,” for example), Clay adopted his own version, and it became his personal mantra, reminding him — and those around him — to dream big.

Clay found a new meaning in this quote during a particularly trying time early in his career. He referred to that period as “the year of ice and fire,” in which everything that could go wrong did. The trials, once they passed, offered him insight into the experience of entrepreneurs everywhere: “Dreaming isn’t enough. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have unwavering faith and commitment to those dreams, no matter how many obstacles are put in your path.”

Clay learned many lessons in pursuit of his dreams, and those lessons continue to inspire our community of entrepreneurs and business owners at Aileron. Learn more about Clay’s intention for Aileron and his story at

The Importance of Dreaming for Entrepreneurs | Aileron
The Importance of Dreaming for Entrepreneurs | Aileron Dream Room

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