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Clay Mathile’s leadership of The Iams Company might best be described in four letters: CCPP. It represented four main ingredients for Iams’ success: customer, culture, product, and people. More than a slogan or internal shorthand, CCPP was a holistic belief system that guided everything from daily operations to big-picture decisions. Iams employees—more aptly considered Iams family members—embraced this belief system as a source of motivation, inspiration, and ambition. Over the years, CCPP gradually became identified as “The Iams Way.”

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Iams’ number-one priority was its customers—cats and dogs around the world. Clay rallied the global team to enhance the wellbeing of dogs and cats by delivering world-class foods.


Clay took it upon himself to create an environment where employees found meaning in their work, were respected as individuals, and came together to contribute to high-performing teams.


Clay’s promise to produce the highest-quality pet foods manifested in the organizations’ world-class manufacturing practices, ingredients, nutrition, and commitment to continuous improvement.


Clay’s respect for the individual and value for learning and development led to some of the most high-performing teams in the history of pet nutrition.

CCPP rooted the company in Clay’s philosophy of, simply, doing the right thing. It’s a belief system that fueled Iams’ growth and helped lead the company, culture, and team. Read more about the Iams story at

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