Unleash Your Business Potential: The Transformed Course for Presidents | Aileron

Aileron’s flagship program, Course for Presidents®, teaches you fundamental skills to direct, operate, and control your business. Key areas of focus include leadership, strategy, people development, business structure, organizational performance, and culture. This in-person program offers a hands-on learning experience that’s been transforming businesses for more than 25 years.

We’re excited to share we’ve been enhancing and refining the Course for Presidents program to provide for you an even more valuable and relevant experience to help presidents and business owners—like yourself—take their leadership skills to the next level.

Key Updates to the Course for Presidents program:

  • Comprehensive Workbook: The course workbook now includes additional direction, informative content on concepts, and in-depth insights into the DOC System. You’ll take home a valuable resource to reference and reinforce your learning even after the course concludes.
  • Streamlined Course Structure: We have restructured the course to optimize your learning experience. Day 1 will focus on Strategy, Business Structure, and Organizational Performance. Day 2 will dive into Culture, People Development, and Leadership.
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking: Everything in a business—the people you hire, the vision you construct, the customers you serve, and more—is connected. Systems thinking provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how various components of your business interact and enables you to make more informed decisions and drive meaningful change.
  • Professional Management Roadmap: You’ll leave the workshop with a clear aim and action plan. The workshop’s practical steps and strategies clarify how to effectively implement your newfound knowledge and transform your organization through professional management.

Whether you’re one of our Course for Presidents alumni or a business owner who’s new to the Aileron Community and looking to create sustainable, tangible change in your businesses and team, we join us at an upcoming Course for Presidents program.

If you’re interested in learning more about Aileron’s transformative Course for Presidents experience and what to expect, read our blog: Considering Course for Presidents? Here’s what to expect.

Experience the Updated Course for Presidents

Are you ready to experience the updated Course for Presidents? Visit the service calendar to find a date that works for you. We hope we’ll see you soon!