Activating Professional Management: Unlock your Team’s Potential | Aileron

As a business owner, you understand that running a business is a team sport and your team is your most valuable asset. Your team members are the people who turn your vision into a reality and help you grow your business. As you work to install professional management in your organization, Activating Professional Management can help you onboard and leverage your team.

This workshop is designed to help you onboard your leadership team to Aileron’s DOC System of Professional Management — a proven system for running a business that can help you achieve your goals, grow your business, and improve your bottom line.

Why should your team take this workshop?

Activating Professional Management is designed to empower your leadership team with the professional management tools and knowledge they need to support your vision, drive the company’s growth, and co-own the company’s direction. Here are a few common reasons why leadership teams participate in Activating Professional Management:

Onboard your leadership team to professional management: This workshop explains the “why” behind professional management so your team isn’t just onboarded — they’re bought in.

Rally your professional management leaders: Activating Professional Management arms the people who support you with the concepts and tools they need to help lead your professional management installation alongside you.

Have aligned conversations: When your team attends Activating Professional Management, they can speak the same language you learned in Course for Presidents, empowering you to harness the power of professional management more collaboratively and effectively.

Who should attend Activating Professional Management?

Activating Professional Management is designed for organizational leaders who directly support the business owner — leaders in your organization who are at the forefront of driving day-to-day operations and ensuring your company’s strategies are executed successfully (think managers, team leaders, and C-suite executives).

When you’re ready to onboard your leaders to Aileron’s DOC System in Activating Professional Management, register them below.