Dear Business Owner: Don’t Go It Alone | Aileron

A commonly held limiting belief in the private business community is that business ownership is a lonely, solitary journey. We often hear people say, “being a president is an inherently isolating role,” or “if you really want something done right, you just have to do it yourself.”

We disagree completely.

In fact, we see more often that the business owners and presidents who can break through that isolation and build a highly competent, trustworthy team are the business owners who experience less stress and more joy and build businesses that can thrive without their constant attention and intervention.

We believe the work of growing a business is a team sport — so much so that we have an entire program dedicated to developing senior leaders who support their president.

Activating Professional Management is a two-day workshop that arms your leadership team with the tools, concepts, and confidence they need to lead your business forward with you. In the workshop, participants learn the same concepts that presidents and CEOs learn in Course for Presidents, but with a focus on supporting the vision and strategy.

One Aileron community member, Choice One Engineering, uses Activating Professional Management as an onboarding tool to help new employees learn professional management language and concepts within their first two months at the company. You can read more about their story here.

If you’re a president or CEO looking to build a team that can share the responsibility of moving your business forward with you, Activating Professional Management can help.