Designed for Business Owners and Teams: The Why Behind our Campus | Aileron

When you’re a business owner, you devote every day to developing and overseeing your company. In the day to day, you lead your business through challenges, projects, and problems—but how often do you have the chance to step away from working in the business so you can think about and work on the business instead?

Aileron’s Campus is your space to do just that.

Aileron’s Campus is a destination for private business owners and teams seeking physical and mental space to get out of the day-to-day and work on the business, not in it.

In this post, we’ll explore how our Campus is designed to give you and your team time, space, and energy for doing the most important work you can do: growing your business, setting direction for your organization, and developing your team.

By its very nature, Aileron’s Campus supports your growth.

Free from outside distractions and intentionally designed for private business owners and their teams, our Campus was built as a haven for entrepreneurs and private business owners to work on their business, not in their business. Here, you can focus your vision, learn about professional management, and gain invaluable skills in leadership, strategy, and more.

Aileron’s Founder, Clay Mathile, drew inspiration for Campus from his own entrepreneurial practices and successes. He wanted to create an innovative space to meet the various needs of today’s business owners, and he combined it with his own experiences of finding inspiration in nature. Campus embodies both of these through its architectural features and community resources.

Our Campus is designed to develop individuals and organizations in a naturally inspiring environment.

Aileron’s rural, 114-acre property is just north of Dayton, Ohio. A woodland perimeter and natural prairie surround our main building, allowing you to disengage from your day-to-day grind and reconnect with your vision. It was designed to offer serenity and focus—two key elements that business leaders need but rarely experience.

Aileron Campus | Tipp City, Ohio
Aileron Campus | Tipp City, Ohio

Large windows offer panoramic views of our natural surroundings. At the center of Campus is the Focus Pond, a calming body of water that’s visible from most indoor rooms and facilities. Outside, a walking trail around the pond offers an opportunity for thoughtful reflection, and a team gazebo provides a meeting space that helps you nurture new ideas.

Inside our main building, you’ll find mindful architectural features that bring the serenity of nature indoors to support your focus. Furniture and building materials include repurposed wood and grain that had been part of the land before construction took place. Windows have been strategically placed to let in as much natural light as possible. Our Cafe offers healthy refreshments to organically promote your physical wellbeing and keep you energized while you work on your business.

Aileron Campus | Tipp City, Ohio
Aileron Campus | Tipp City, Ohio

Our Campus represents our unending commitment to sustainability and preservation.

Like you, we’re always looking forward and investing in the future. Rain water is collected from a large tank beneath the gardens, and then used to fill the Focus Pond and fuel some of the building’s facilities. Independent from the city, we have our own well and sewage system. Lastly, our building is smart; in the evenings, it shuts itself down, and in the morning, it wakes up by turning on the lights and the air or heat.

Aileron Campus | Tipp City, Ohio
Aileron Campus | Tipp City, Ohio

You belong here.

For organizations, private business owners, and entrepreneurs, our Campus is yours to go to when you need space to think, focus, and grow. We invite you to reserve space on Campus, participate in services to grow your team, learn professional management, and brainstorm ways to take your business to the next level. Come to Campus, and turn your vision into actionable steps forward.