We’re out to unleash the power of professional management. Here’s how we’re hiring technology to help us do it. | Aileron

Like many organizations, Aileron has long understood that technology can and should play a role in our business. But what role? Technology can be hired to do an infinite number of things, but unless you know what you want technology to do for you, it’s difficult to know how to use it.

That’s the question we’ve been chewing on for a while, until we recently gained clarity on how we want technology to move Aileron forward:

We’re hiring technology to help us scale across America, develop entire organizations, and connect our community – and we’re hiring a Director of Technology to help us do it.

Here’s more about where we’re going and how you can help us get there.

We’re hiring technology to increase our impact as we scale across America

Last year, Aileron made a simple but significant change to our vision:

To be a thriving community who raises the quality of life in across America

That small, prepositional shift represents our big, long-term focus of developing business leaders and teams across the entire nation.

Right now, almost all our connection points happen through face-to-face interactions, which means our ability to spread professional management is limited based on our human capacity and geography. That’s something we’re ready to change.

We know professional management has the power to help businesses sustain and thrive, and we know technology can help us break down those capacity and geography barriers so we can work with, support, and develop leaders in Denver, Oklahoma City, Juneau just as easily as we can in Tipp City, Ohio.

We’re hiring technology to develop the entire organization, not just the business owner

We’ve long known that professional management is a team sport; professional management has the most impact when the business owner champions its implementation and when all individuals in the organization live it.

Right now, because our capacity is fixed, we’ve chosen to work mostly with business owners. But in a future state where we’re unhindered by capacity limitations, we’re aiming to develop the entire organization, not just its leaders. We see technology as a critical component in developing organizations as they set out to integrate professional management into their teams, cultures, and day-to-day operations.

We’re hiring technology to connect our community

Much of the magic that happens at Aileron is due to connections between our like-minded and like-hearted community of professional management practitioners. We often hear that some of the most meaningful interactions here are peer-to-peer conversations; sharing struggles and swapping stories often leaves people feeling understood, inspired, and re-energized.

Right now, peer-to-peer connections are limited by Aileron serving as the intermediary, which led us to wonder: How many more meaningful connections could be made if they weren’t dependent on our sparking the conversation? How many businesses and lives could be changed through those relationships? We think the potential is huge, so we’re hiring technology to help us connect our community of business leaders across America.

We’re hiring a Director of Technology

Scaling across America, enhancing how we develop individuals and teams, and connecting our community is going to require leadership from someone who shares our passion for lifting lives through professional management. We’re investing in the future of Aileron and the future of our community with the new Director of Technology position.

This role will play a huge part in how we move our organization forward and increase our impact through technology. We’re looking to our community to help spread the word. Here are three ways you can help in five minutes or less:

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Do you know someone who could be our Director of Technology?

Visit our Careers page to learn more about the role or share this link with individuals in your community who could be a good fit.