Aileron launches new 12-month Business Coaching program | Aileron

Our team is thrilled to announce Aileron’s new 12-month Business Coaching program! Designed for Business Owners who are craving guidance, accountability, and support to install or practice professional management, Business Coaching supercharges your professional management journey and helps you and your team embrace professional management throughout your organization — meaning its impact is felt faster and more fully. Read real business owner stories and learn more about the program in this post.

Leveraging Business Coaching to navigate a leadership transition

“Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place, especially in a family business. No one knows exactly what you’re dealing with, and it’s hard to talk through feelings or challenges because you don’t want to alarm people. But you have to have a space for vulnerability and support to really thrive. That’s what our Aileron team has been for me.”

Jim Smith, CEO of Keith Smith Company

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a 12-month engagement that builds your confidence for running a thriving organization by providing one-on-one accountability and guidance from a trusted advisor.

Aileron’s Business Coaching program is specifically designed to support Business Owners, Presidents, and CEOs who are installing or practicing professional management. Aileron’s Business Coaches situationally pull in professional management concepts, tools, and resources throughout the coaching engagement to support your professional management development and practice.

Using Business Coaching to get clear on the future

“I learned there’s so much to running a business that I hadn’t considered, but I was never overwhelmed. Our Business Coach was a knowledgeable guide; he helped us clarify what we wanted from the business and what we wanted the business to do for our family, staff, patients, and the greater Cincinnati community.”

Dr. Mike Hill, founder of The Hill Hear Better Clinic

What can I talk about with my Business Coach?

We often hear that running a business can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to. Business Owners rely on their Business Coaches to process the hard issues they can’t talk about with anyone else — and to get challenging perspective that changes the thoughts and limiting beliefs standing in their own way.

Your Business Coach will bring not only their own experience but also real-world examples they’ve seen while working with other professionally managed organizations. Common topics for coaching sessions include:

Focusing on what’s most important

Business Coaching can help alleviate overwhelm and illuminate what really matters, helping you get out of the weeds with protected, distraction-free time and space to move the most important parts of your business forward.

Navigating transitions

Business Owners transitioning out of the CEO role leverage Business Coaching to learn how to step away from the business and empower the next generation of leaders, while leaders transitioning into the CEO role leverage Business Coaching to learn the best ways to spend their time, energy, and focus.

Processing decisions and getting unstuck

Business Coaching offers judgment-free perspective to help you uncover your desired outcomes for your business, create a plan to get to the next level, and process options, decisions, and challenges on your journey.

Developing the skills to run a thriving business

Your Business Coach will pull in tools and concepts throughout your coaching engagement, and you’ll be able to immediately apply them to your real-life challenges. This learn-through-doing approach ingrains what you’ve learned to build skills you’ll leverage for the rest of your career and life.

Learning how to best fill the Business Owner role

There’s no playbook for how to be a Business Owner. Many Business Owners find themselves getting stuck in the day-to-day because that’s what they know; it feels comfortable to be doing the work in the business because working on the business can feel daunting and nebulous. Your Business Coach can help you understand the best way to spend your time and energy as a business owner to help you get out of the weeds, stay focused on what needs your attention, and reduce the organization’s dependency on you.

Learning how to lead the business forward through Business Coaching

“I finally felt like I wasn’t alone… [My Business Coach] challenged me on things that I never would have changed. I realized that my coach was there to help and guide me. So I listened — and if I hadn’t listened, I would be out of business.”

Danny McGeady, owner of JEM Designs