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Aileron is thrilled to add a new position to our team! We’re seeking a Receptionist to work 15 to 40 hours per week at Aileron’s Campus in Tipp City, Ohio on a repeating, consistent weekly schedule during Aileron’s business hours of Monday – Friday, 7:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You can view and share the Receptionist job posting here or send a link to this blog post to anyone you believe may be interested in this opportunity. Applicants are encouraged to apply at

Who we’re looking for

Aileron is seeking someone who is passionate about customer service and relationship building, and gets satisfaction from:

  • Connecting with others through in person and digital exchanges
  • Helping people solve problems and access resources
  • Delivering detail-oriented, highly organized experiences and interactions
  • Serving others, jumping in, and setting other people up for success
  • Having a diverse set of responsibilities
  • Flipping between paces, intentionally slowing down for focused work and responding swiftly to time-sensitive requests

Receptionist roles and responsibilities

From a day-to-day perspective, our Receptionist will be responsible for:

  • Customer service: Serving as the first point of contact with clients through phone, email, and in-person interactions at our Connection Center
  • Administrative support: Helping our team deliver on our mission and vision through scheduling and coordinating internal meetings, ordering and managing office supplies, sending and distributing mail, and other projects and tasks as lifted up by the team
  • Event support: Supporting our Delivery team in processing registrations and preparing training materials

Aileron’s values

In addition to finding an individual who fits the job description, we’re seeking someone who aligns with Aileron’s values of:

  • Continuous learning: We are a team of individuals committed to continually developing ourselves, the organization, our culture, our relationships and the systems and processes we use.
  • Being a “We” Organization: We create harmony and work as a system where everyone’s roles and contributions come together into something bigger than any one individual.
  • Conscious leadership: We embrace a leadership style that emphasizes radical self-awareness, energetic responsibility, and emotional intelligence.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: We value experimentation, embrace innovation, and tolerate reasonable risks for the sake of continuous improvement and moving the best work forward.
  • Transparency: We cultivate an environment where it’s safe (and encouraged) to say what you really think and feel, share information openly, and be honest and authentic.
  • Respect for individuals: We honor our individual differences and thought diversity, create a culture where you can bring your whole self to work, and believe when we thrive as individuals, the entire organization flourishes.

Do you know someone looking for their next opportunity?

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