Aileron Community,

Your friends and peers at Aileron are here to support you during many challenging times, including last week’s destructive storms that ripped across Dayton and caused widespread damage.

 Get Help

Campus Usage: For any business affected – whether you’re currently aware of or engaged with Aileron or not – we invite you and your team to use our available campus space. For the entire month of June and at no cost, the campus is open for you and your team to regroup, work, plan and process in a focused setting with wifi and coffee.

Plan for Recovery: Aileron facilitators are also available to help you and your team plan for recovery. We can help you make visible a plan for what the following weeks or months look like as you recover from the devastation.

Schedule time to use campus space and/or to create your plan for recovery by calling or emailing us: 937-669-6500 or

Give Help

Share this Offer: Many of you from across the country have reached out asking how to support those affected. You can help by passing this offer along to any businesses you know are impacted. You can simply forward this email.

Donate Online: Additionally, you can help by donating to the Dayton Food Bank, a local reputable organization (recently being awarded the Better Business Bureau Eclipse Integrity Award) providing disaster relief. Donate online to the Dayton Food Bank to help provide water and food to those impacted by the tornadoes.

Thank you, in advance, for giving what you can. And we are awaiting your call to help you during this challenging time.


The Aileron Team