Looking Ahead to Lead, Change, and Get Better Together

Dear Aileron Community,

We have a phrase we use often around here: “A lot happens in an Aileron week.” It’s astonishing how just five days can change so much in your businesses, your lives, how we do things, and the way we all work together. That’s partially an outcome of the world around us; work happens faster than ever, which empowers rapid change. But it’s also an outcome of our community’s passion for creativity, innovation, growth, learning, and improving—all of which result in meaningful transformation. “Status quo” and “average” are not in our language.

When we look at our community and the people who are highly engaged, people like yourself, we see a common thread. It isn’t demography; our community isn’t bound by shared geography or title or industry or business size. The thread is a shared mindset. We share the confidence to act, the courage to be vulnerable, the hunger to grow, a long-term mindset, and the drive to do the work required to get better. This community—the people and organizations coming together for Summit—exercise these values every day, and in doing so grow healthy and sustainable businesses that raise the quality of life in America.

We aim to practice these values at Aileron every day. And because we know change is an indication of growth, we don’t just accept it; we welcome and embrace thought shifts, new ideas, and better ways of being. As we evolve as a community, here are some meaningful changes you will notice:

  • Increasing focus on outcomes: We are heavily investing in creating an ongoing practice of making your desired outcomes visible and clear.
  • Inviting people in with Discovery: A one-on-one conversation with an Aileron coach welcomes business leaders into our community as they talk through a challenge, get unstuck, or simply learn more about Aileron.
  • Improving the digital experience: Our new, simplified website and streamlined registration system allow you to access information where and when you need it, on any device.
  • Coaching consciously: We’ve added individual leadership coaching that can be used situationally and as a part of the Becoming a More Conscious Leader program.
  • Building better support systems: We’re expanding our team and your access to them.

As we evolve as a community, please ask tough questions, engage with others, and share your own experiences. We learn better when we learn together.

Thank you for your bravery to lead change and grow yourself and others. Cheers to looking forward!

Your Peer,