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Shifting My Perspective: How My Aileron Internship Taught Me to Love the Process, Not the Destination

2022-03-31T14:51:32-04:00Aileron News, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development|

Aileron is a very unique place. Whether it’s the people, the campus or just the mission we live by, there’s something here that gives people a certain feeling when they leave campus – myself included. Having spent over a year here as an intern, I’m not only leaving my Aileron experience with that can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it, magical feeling, but with a [ Read More ]

3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating New Opportunities

2022-07-08T09:57:05-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

You and your team likely don’t have a shortage of ideas; in fact, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you struggle with idea overwhelm, which can lead to a shortage of one of your most valuable resources: time. Selecting the right opportunities to spend time on is critical for businesses of all sizes. Every opportunity – a public speaking engagement, a [ Read More ]

Evolving the Aileron Community

2024-01-24T09:59:22-05:00Aileron News|

Looking Ahead to Lead, Change, and Get Better Together Dear Aileron Community, We have a phrase we use often around here: “A lot happens in an Aileron week.” It’s astonishing how just five days can change so much in your businesses, your lives, how we do things, and the way we all work together. That’s partially an outcome [ Read More ]

Is Negative Self-Talk Your Worst Enemy?


We’re all familiar with the idea that thoughts become words become actions. But have you consciously considered how your self-limiting beliefs manifest as behaviors in your daily life? Many people struggle with internal blocks: beliefs or attitudes that come from your internal dialogue. For example, you might believe a difficult conversation will end badly; that’s what you’ve told yourself, [ Read More ]

How to Deal With Idea Overwhelm

2019-10-02T15:24:17-04:00Leadership, Strategy|

Your team’s ability to generate new ideas is an indicator of success. It shows that you’re thinking creatively, focusing on what’s next, and innovating. But if you’re coming up with so many ideas that you’re constantly pivoting to focus on the new goal that’s bright and shiny, you’re never making real progress.Idea overwhelm isn’t just a problem for leadership. In [ Read More ]

The Critical Strategy Component That’s Easy to Overlook


Every year, you and your team spend days—even weeks—envisioning what could be and charting a course to get there. But as you well know, that’s where the work really begins. Strategic planning is a critical part of the business-building process, but the magic of transformation lives in strategy implementation. In addition to being thoughtfully planned, your strategy should be: Communicated: [ Read More ]

This Is How You Can Make Everyone’s Job Better

2020-01-15T12:06:43-05:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

Team members at Solid Blend Technologies had a unified vision, but gaps in the company’s operations were starting to show. Solid Blend Technologies is a Dayton-based service water management company established in 1999. A company that’s growing often sees new, unforeseen challenges—and that was no different for Solid Blend Technologies, says Ken Elrich, President of Solid Blend Technologies and his wife, [ Read More ]

2 Key Ways to Let the Customer Lead You to New Ideas

2024-02-23T11:24:09-05:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

Several years ago, a customer came to Promotional Spring asking for point of purchase signage. (Promotional Spring is a company that creates experiences and solutions that help organizations to promote their products and services.) Even though they had asked for a specific deliverable, after further conversation, leaders at Promotional Spring realized the customer had 4 different pain points. Those challenges they [ Read More ]

Does Your Style Gain Trust?


Your effectiveness as a leader correlates with the amount of trust the people you lead have in you. The less trust they have in you, the more time you’ll have to spend making a case for what you’re trying to get done. If your people trust you, they are going to accept what you’re asking of them without question. [ Read More ]

  • Hiring? Follow These 4 Secrets to Find Top Talent

Hiring? Follow These 4 Secrets to Find Top Talent

2022-12-01T08:13:26-05:00Culture, Organizational Performance, People Development|

When hiring, LaRosa’s, Inc.’s philosophy is, “Good people know good people.” That’s why they make sure to tap their current employee base to help find additional great talent, says Steve Browne, Executive Director of HR at LaRosa’s. (LaRosa’s is a chain of pizza restaurants located in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.) “When we have openings, we go to our team [ Read More ]

Inside the Mathile Family: Why Mike Mathile Didn’t Believe in Plan B

2022-06-17T12:39:06-04:00Culture, Leadership|

Mike Mathile is an entrepreneur, family business executive, a private investor, husband, and father. He’s also an advisory and board member for multiple companies. While the business community may know him in such roles (Mike is Chairman of CYMI Holdings), many are unaware of the experience that’s greatly shaped how he leads today: his professional baseball past with the [ Read More ]

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