We’re all familiar with the idea that thoughts become words become actions. But have you consciously considered how your self-limiting beliefs manifest as behaviors in your daily life?

Many people struggle with internal blocks: beliefs or attitudes that come from your internal dialogue. For example, you might believe a difficult conversation will end badly; that’s what you’ve told yourself, and what you consider true—but it isn’t the truth. The truth is you have control over that conversation and its outcome. But because your self-limiting thoughts will inevitably become your actions, you’ve assured the conversation will end poorly before you’ve even started it.

At Aileron, we know how dangerous these internal blocks can be. We make sense of them using the GAIL framework:

  • Gremlins: The inner critic that tells you you’re not ______ enough (e.g. not smart enough, not good enough, not talented enough)
  • Assumptions: Beliefs that what has happened in the past will repeat itself
  • Interpretations: Your personal views about a situation, including someone’s motivation or intention
  • Limiting beliefs: Beliefs that you accept about life or the world that hold you back

Categorizing your internal dialogue is helpful, but it isn’t enough. How do you stop internal blocks in their tracks? How do you overcome self-limiting thoughts? How do you write your own story?

At Summit 2019, Aileron Business Coach and Leadership Coach Phillip Stoller led attendees through an activity to identify their own GAILs and replace negative internal dialogue with empowering language. You can download the worksheet he used as you begin to explore your own thought patterns and how they manifest as actions.

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  • How can I ensure I’m growing with my company?
  • What does my next level of growth look like?

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