Every year, you and your team spend days—even weeks—envisioning what could be and charting a course to get there. But as you well know, that’s where the work really begins.

Strategic planning is a critical part of the business-building process, but the magic of transformation lives in strategy implementation.

In addition to being thoughtfully planned, your strategy should be:

  • Communicated: If your strategy exists only in the minds of leadership, it will never be implemented. Your team should understand and be able to articulate your strategy so it can actively contribute to it.
  • Valued: If your strategy doesn’t have team alignment, you’re facing an uphill battle. Your team should feel invested in the strategy, understand the direction and its significance to the organization, and support leadership.
  • Owned: If the frontline of your business—your team—doesn’t act out the strategy, it will never transition from a plan to a reality. Your organization should understand how their role impacts the strategy, feel ownership of it, and be active participants in bringing it to fruition.

If your strategic plan has been gathering dust for too long, get unstuck with Discovery. Discovery is a free, 45-minute, one-on-one conversation with an Aileron representative to discover what’s possible and leave with a clear path forward. You can tackle a challenge you’re facing about your strategic plan, including:

  • How to empower a team to actualize your strategic plan
  • How to communicate about your strategic plan and effectively disseminate information
  • How to involve your team in the strategic planning process
  • How to ensure your team understands and takes ownership over your strategic plan

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