Aileron turned 25, and we’ve never been so grateful

You may have heard that Aileron turned 25 this year. We chose not to make a big announcement, and instead stayed focused on developing services to empower our community of business leaders to thrive during what continues to be a dynamic time for some.

We did choose to celebrate this milestone as a small group at our annual company retreat, and what we uncovered was that there was a theme we all aligned to as we looked back on the past 25 years. That theme was gratitude.

The Aileron team expressed gratitude for the opportunity to come to work every day and do life-changing work that aligns with our personal values. The team expressed gratitude for Clay Mathile’s passion for entrepreneurs and his original vision for Aileron. And – across the board – the team expressed gratitude for our incredible community of business owners, professional management practitioners, and advocates.

This broad community is collectively raising the quality of life across America through professional management. When we build strong, lasting businesses, we create fulfilling jobs for individuals, stability for families, and economic prosperity for communities.

We asked our team: When you think about how the Aileron community has impacted your life, what are you grateful for? Here are a few of the responses we got:

  • “Grateful for a community that I feel comfortable being my authentic self, being vulnerable, and growing alongside, over the last 14 years!”
  • “Grateful for a community that challenges me, encourages me, and inspires me. The Aileron community has helped me grow through various stages of my journey as a business owner and now as an Aileron team member. This community has helped me grow into a better leader, team member, and person.”
  • “Grateful for the curiosity, growth, and joy in the work with the Aileron community.”
  • “I’m grateful for all the ways this community has invited me into their life journey, sharing their experiences in such profound ways. Such an incredible honor to talk, laugh, cry and pray with them.”
  • “I’m grateful for the passion, humility, care and perseverance demonstrated by the Aileron community. Everyone is always striving to grow themselves, others, their teams, and their companies, that ultimate raises the quality of life for each and every one of us!”

We’d love for you to join us in celebrating with a moment of gratitude.

For the next six weeks, we’re asking you to share memories, moments, and words of gratitude about your Aileron community and your entrepreneurial support system. If there’s one thing any entrepreneur knows, it’s that having the support of a community makes the journey not only easier, but a lot more enjoyable.

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