The Art of Execution

Get Clear so You Can Get Going

You and your team will always have more ideas than you can effectively execute, but how do you know what to prioritize and what to save for later? Take this two-hour workshop on campus or virtually as you learn how to set priorities, stay focused, and make progress on your most important initiatives.

This course is not currently on our public calendar, however it is available privately. Click below if you’re interested in being notified when this course is offered publicly or to get information about hosting this course privately for your team.

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If you’re asking these questions, this workshop is a fit for you.

How do I stay focused on what’s important when other opportunities arise?

How do I turn my strategic plan into strategic action?

What initiatives will move my business forward, and what’s getting in the way?

How do I know what to prioritize?

What initiatives can wait for later while I focus on more pressing items?

How do I communicate my business priorities to my team?

Why sign up?

You have a strategic plan and you want to effectively and efficiently turn your plans into actions.

What is it?

A two-hour workshop, available on campus and virtually, equips business leaders with the focus and confidence to prioritize and take action against strategic initiatives.

Who should register?

This workshop is designed for business leaders who need help determining what initiatives are most important for the business, team, and goals.


  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
    Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator

    As an Aileron Business Advisor and Facilitator, Tony Collins works with business owners and their teams to help them get more of what they want out of their businesses. Prior to Aileron, Tony started and led multiple small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries for more than 25 years.

    Tony is a curious-minded individual who is passionate about helping business owners find ways to do more with less effort. He is often called upon by business leaders for advice and input on how and where to grow themselves and their businesses. And he thrives on learning from his clients about not only what makes their businesses tick, but what they know that he doesn’t.

    When Tony isn’t helping and empowering business owners, you can find him at home in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Janet. In his free time, he is reconnecting to his artistic side as a budding watercolor artist.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “Asking better questions. Someone once told me, “The quality of your life is related to the questions you ask yourself.” It’s not only the questions I ask myself, but how can I ask questions to others as well that helps them see new possibilities and approaches that they otherwise might not have seen.”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “Curiosity - I am always striving to be a continuous learner, and at Aileron that is something that comes easy. I am always learning something new from anyone and everyone I interact with. The humble and hungry clients I work with all feed my curious mind.”

    Why Aileron?

    “The main reason I chose to work at Aileron is we were after the same thing - helping businesses get better. Aileron introduced me to a professional management system, but what got me interested was the kind of companies they attract and their culture. Everyone I work with is humble and just as curious as I am. I am really fortunate at the latter part of my career to have found this group of people to work with.”

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