Becoming a More Conscious Leader

Drive individual and organizational growth through your leadership.

To influence and lead others, first you must know and develop yourself. Your job is to grow your business, while helping others to succeed beyond what they think is possible. To do so, you’ll need to gain greater visibility about how you lead. In the Becoming a More Conscious Leader program you’ll develop a set of leadership skills and tools that will help you reach your desired outcomes. Evolve and grow into a leader with more energy, creativity, productivity, and satisfaction in your life.

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If you’re asking these questions, this is a right fit for you.

How do I grow and develop others to reach the next level?

How do I create more effective relationships?

Why do I keep facing the same problems over and over?

How do I create cohesive and high performing teams?

How do I have the conversations I’ve been avoiding?

How do I get my team to work together?

Why sign up?

There’s no better investment than in yourself and your team. Get all the tools you need to reach your desired outcomes and grow others around you too.

What is it?

An immersive leadership program, designed to help you maximize your self-awareness and growth, through a series of thought-provoking and skill-building workshops and virtual peer group sessions. You’ll also get an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals throughout the program, and a leadership coach, for when you need focused support.

Who should register?

Individuals looking to grow their leadership skills and impact, and organizations looking to develop high-performing cultures, teams and leaders.


  • Erika Alessandrini
    Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Erika Alessandrini
    Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Erika lights up when she sees people step into the next best version of themselves. She’s energized by all things business, random acts of kindness, and people who pay it forward. Equally candid and compassionate with a strong, genuine curiosity, Erika has been referred to as a “modern day renaissance woman” because of her pioneering spirit and eclectic interests.

    Erika joined the Aileron community in 2019 to surround herself with like-minded leaders who share a passion for calling people, businesses, and organizations to be the best versions of themselves. Prior to Aileron, Erika spent 23 years in the automotive aftermarket and participated in four post-acquisition integrations at the executive level. Through those experiences, Erika learned why most leaders fall short, give up, or burn out. She went on to start her own coaching business in 2015.

    You can find Erika in her home with her husband and kids, entertaining family and friends, and finding any excuse to gather a group for a shared meal. Carrying on her mother’s tradition, there is always a seat at her family’s table.

  • Lois Elrich
    Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Lois Elrich
    Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Lois came to Aileron hoping to learn to run her business, Solid Blend, the right way. Captivated by Aileron’s focus on corporate culture and leadership development, Lois is now a facilitator and leadership coach for Aileron’s Becoming a More Conscious Leader program.

    As a leadership coach, Lois helps clients overcome obstacles that get in the way of growth. Lois has a knack for asking the right questions to get to the heart of issues. Around the office, she’s known for being a thoughtful listener and approaching each day with energy and kindness. She has a heart for people and is happiest spending time with her husband Ken, three sons and their wives, and grandkids. Passionate about personal growth, Lois also enjoys reading and spending time at the gym.

    Lois believes that every member of the team has a vital contribution in completing strategic initiatives. At Aileron, Lois lives out her passion to develop teams and professional culture centered around mutual values. You can connect with Lois on LinkedIn or by email.

  • Joni Fedders
    President, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Joni Fedders
    President, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a past business owner, Joni understands the risks, rewards, and challenges that ownership and professional management bring.  She had the opportunity at Iams as a Brand Manager to live in a professionally managed organization where she saw first hand how strategy, strong leadership and culture can fuel a company to do great things.

    After Iams, Joni co-founded a technology services company and became an Aileron client herself, taking the Course for Presidents, establishing an outside Board of Directors and utilizing strategic planning.  The company grew from 2 to 100 employees in five years, was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Cincinnati Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was named by the Cincinnati Business Courier as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in the region.  After selling this business, she and her husband just couldn’t stop and bought a second business in decorative packaging that they operated for seven years before successfully selling.

    In her role as President, Joni oversees Aileron’s strategic direction, culture and operational activities. Her leadership and energy inspire and motivate the Aileron team and the community as we strive to raise the quality of life, one private business at a time.

    Joni was honored with the “Forty Under Forty” award and received her bachelor’s degree in business from Miami University (the real one, in Ohio).  She obtained her MBA from Xavier University.  As college sweethearts, Joni and her husband Jim have been married for 27 years; they have three great children, a golden retriever and a small mutt who thinks he’s a cross between a mastiff and a pit bull.  Family time is a crucial priority for Joni and they enjoy skiing, tubing, running, fishing, sports, eating Chipotle (don’t ask Joni to cook – she can’t), family events and vacations.

  • Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Wes Gipe works with business owners and their teams as a trusted facilitator, business advisor and coach. Known for his enthusiasm and high-energy approach, Wes’s willingness to boldly approach tough issues and go the extra mile have gained him loyal clients who look to him for help with strategic planning, leadership and culture development, and conflict resolution.

    Wes started his journey as an Aileron client in 2008. After applying Aileron’s Professional Management principles to build a self-managing company, he now spends much of his time helping other organizations—big and small—build a strategy that endures. Through this work, he has logged over 9,000 coaching hours with more than 500 individuals throughout North America and Europe. His work has been featured in Forbes as well as other national media outlets. Wes resides in Miami County, OH with his wife and three rambunctious boys.

  • Chuck Huggins
    Chief Operating Officer, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Chuck Huggins
    Chief Operating Officer, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    As Aileron’s Chief Operating Officer, Chuck’s passion for helping business owners is palpable. He loves finding ways to help Business Owners drive professional management throughout their entire organization. He strives to make it a real, practical living system that not only helps the business owner but their employees as well. Chuck and his team are always improving our processes. From helping clients create a board of advisors to offering one on one Business Advisor support and coaching – they are constantly looking at ways to improve the process to help you professionally manage your company.
    Stop by Chuck’s office and tell him how professional management has improved your life – he’ll sit and listen to you all day. Then he’ll give all the credit to his team. And, if you’re not careful, he may encourage you to tell others your story and help another business owner because he’s also in charge of our Contributors – those awesome folks who share their time, talents and treasures with Aileron.
    Since selling his HVAC business, Chuck has focused on Aileron’s mission of unleashing the potential of private businesses. One way he’s done this is by spending hundreds of hours learning to become a Certified Executive Leadership Coach. Now Chuck enjoys coaching others to unleash their own personal potential as well.
    If he’s not in his office, then he’s probably fishing, so check the pond. If he’s not there, then he’s with his wife and kids either running a marathon, or attending one of their many sporting events.
  • Krista Powell
    Brand Manager and Leadership Coach
    Krista Powell
    Brand Manager and Leadership Coach

    As the daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs, Krista is no stranger to the challenges small business owners face. Given her background, she is passionate about professional management and believes it has the power to raise the quality of life for business owners, their families, their organizations, and whole communities.

    In fact, Krista believes in private businesses so strongly, that she recently co-founded a marketing and design company with her husband.

    In her role as Brand Manager, Krista is responsible for the oversight, development, marketing, and continual improvement of Aileron brands, products and services. Krista’s natural curiosity leads her to be constantly learning. As a result, Krista has her Bachelor of Science in Marketing, an MBA, and she’s a Certified Professional Coach. Krista’s highest calling, sparked by being a former Girl Scout and a Delta Zeta alumnae, is to leave the world better than she found it, by making a difference in the lives of those she touches.

    Outside of Aileron, you can find Krista with her husband, Jon, and children, Jackson and Mackenzie. She loves spending time with family and friends, trying new things, traveling, being outside, decorating, and reading.

  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a Business Advisor, Facilitator, and Leadership Coach, Tony executes Aileron’s mission of improving the quality of life in America by teaching business leaders the advantages of incorporating clarity and simplicity into their businesses and lives. An entrepreneur himself, Tony gets is fulfilled by empowering people to practice professional management as a personal and business growth tool.

    Tony loves simplicity and believes the most effective things happen when people have clarity and understanding. He’s an avid and enthusiastic planner; Tony believes having a plan prepares people for focused execution and allows people to make adjustments along the way. (He also maintains that planning a vacation is almost as enjoyable as going on one.) And he’s a storyteller and humor advocate; Tony believes people learn best when they’re having a good time, sharing personal experiences, and creating connections over shared stories.

    When he’s not helping business leaders reach their goals, you can find Tony woodworking, spending time with his kids and grandkids, or biking around the world; he and his wife have biked for 30 days from Zürich, Switzerland to Budapest, Hungary.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “Spirituality – understanding why I exist, what my purpose is, and how I can live it. Answering the question: what am I here for?”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “Spirituality, personal growth, and relationships. Spirituality is about living my purpose in life. Personal growth is about continually growing and learning, and taking advantage of opportunities. Relationships is about nurturing relationships with my wife, my family, and other people.”

    Why Aileron?

    “It provides me an opportunity to live my values and purpose. I get personal growth here, I get to develop a lot of relationships, and I get to give back. That’s what I like about Aileron.”

  • Phillip Stoller
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Phillip Stoller
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Phillip Stoller is a business advisor, executive coach, entrepreneur, and innovator. Phillip is a professionally certified leadership coach, holds a B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University, and an M.B.A. from Indiana University.  However, he has learned the most through his own entrepreneurial journey.  Along the way, he founded ​​Perma-Column​ and grew the company to an international force within the post-frame industry. In 2014 he had the opportunity to sell the company which is now owned by industry leader Morton Buildings. Since then, he has provided consultation to businesses through ​​Accendo Consulting​ and has found an even deeper level of meaning and purpose in the work he has done at​​Aileron​ advising and coaching leaders from over 150 businesses.

    During his professional journey, experience has taught Phillip the importance of the “human-element” of business. He has found the impact of successfully navigating cultural and relational challenges to be as important in driving business results as some of the more technical work he has helped businesses work through.

    As an avid reader that is passionate about learning, he is always working to find the latest research from Universities and Fortune 500 Companies. He takes great joy in adapting those findings into practical solutions capable of driving businesses of any size to greater success. His insights and empathetic approach to leadership have supported leaders in businesses in the US, Canada, and Europe in industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Professional Trades, and Finance.

    When Phillip isn’t working one-on-one with business leaders, he enjoys sharing his ideas on his website.​

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What’s Included


A day to increase your self-awareness and learn how to consciously choose how you want to lead. It’s more than reflection; you’ll take an assessment before the workshop and come away with new tools to grow yourself as a leader, personally and professionally.

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A one day workshop for you to practice communication skills that will ensure the best thinking – from you and others – are brought forth in conversations to achieve optimal results.

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A day to envision what leadership success means for you in all areas of your life, discover common blocks that hold us back, and how to break through.

Learn More
A day to learn new ways to engage others, while building empathy and influence. Increase your impact by understanding your style and how to set others up for success.

Learn More
A day to understand why you act and react the way you do, and how to be more intentional about influencing culture. Learn new ways to manage stressors, create sustainable change, and create the the climate you want around you.

Learn More
A day to help you become more confident, clear, and purposeful in your decision-making, and increase your capacity for making tough decisions.

Learn More
A day to learn how to build strong teams around you to help your organization thrive.

Learn More
Connect how your leadership skills and investment will return greater results and impact for your life.

Accountability Partners

Connect one-on-one with a peer who can help you practice what you’re learning.

Leadership Coaching

Get individual support from a Certified Professional Leadership Coach who can help you implement what you’re learning to reach your desired outcomes.

Peer Group

Meet with a small group of peers virtually after each workshop to learn from each other’s experience as you apply what you are learning in your organizations.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

A one-of-a-kind leadership assessment that helps you reflect on how you show up as a leader. Use your results to increase your engagement, energy, and how you react under stress.

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