Storytelling Workshop

Craft a Story that Inspires Action

Whether you’re telling your company’s story in person, on your website, or in a sales pitch, you have minutes – sometimes seconds – to capture your audience’s interest and compel them to take action. In the Storytelling Workshop, you’ll unify your purpose, vision, and value into a succinct, captivating story that you can share with customers, investors, partners, and brand advocates. This workshop is highly interactive, so come with an open mind ready to actively work on your story with your peers.


If you’re asking these questions, this workshop is a fit for you.

Why does it take me several minutes to explain what my company does?

How can we break through the noise to distinguish ourselves in a highly competitive industry?

How can I increase customer excitement, engagement, and sales?

What makes my company truly unique, and how do we communicate that differentiation?

What do people find truly intriguing about my company, our vision, and our purpose?

How can we make our story more clear, relatable, and memorable?

Why sign up?

You want to get clear on your story, feel confident when sharing it with your community, and inspire listeners to take action.

What is it?

An interactive session where you’ll learn the components of great stories, craft your own narrative with the help of a professional coach, and leave with a unique and compelling story.

Who should register?

Business leaders who want to get clear on what makes your company different from and better than your competitors.


  • Bridget Flaherty

What Our Community Says

“This workshop enabled me to think about the importance of telling our stories in a business environment.  The business environment today requires us to be able to distinguish ourselves and our companies from all the other noise out there.  When you can do that in a unique and authentic way through the stories you tell, it can be a creative and power tool.”

Jill Mendoza, President, IDO

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