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Peer Groups Designed to Leverage Wisdom and Experience

Being the leader can be a lonely existence. If you have complicated issues staring you down, sometimes you need to talk to others who have experience facing the same challenges.

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Why sign up?

You’ll be taking action after the Course for Presidents and creating change in your organization. Why not learn from others’ mistakes and successes to ensure the change is positive?

What is it?

Productive discussion forum consisting of 10 to 12 trusted peers from non-competing businesses of similar size who gather to share experiences and candidly resolve issues.

Who should register?

Course for Presidents® Alumni who want continued support and accountability towards implementing professional management.


  • Peter Feil
    Peter Feil

    Peter Feil has been involved in the manufacturing of electric motors, electronics and gear reducers for 26 years. Peter began his career in design engineering, then moved to operations, then sales and marketing and has been in the role of General Manager the last 15 years. Peter, a native German and longtime North Carolina resident, led a Business Unit in the Automotive Industry in Nuernberg, Germany for 3 years, before settling in Maysville, Kentucky in 2002 as General Manager of Stober Drives Inc. (SDI), a US subsidiary of a German company.

    SDI manufactures high-end gear reducers and electric motors for motion control and power transmission. Company focus is on speed and service, with quotes generated in one hour and product built to order and shipped within 24 hours. SDI has grown from $8 million to $30+million the last 11 years, thanks to many initiatives and ideas generated through peer networking, roundtables, continuous learning and strategic planning. Aileron’s Professional Management System, also known as DOC model, is a perfect fit for SDI’s further development, especially in the areas of people and culture.

  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a Business Advisor, Facilitator, and Leadership Coach, Tony executes Aileron’s mission of improving the quality of life in America by teaching business leaders the advantages of incorporating clarity and simplicity into their businesses and lives. An entrepreneur himself, Tony gets is fulfilled by empowering people to practice professional management as a personal and business growth tool.

    Tony loves simplicity and believes the most effective things happen when people have clarity and understanding. He’s an avid and enthusiastic planner; Tony believes having a plan prepares people for focused execution and allows people to make adjustments along the way. (He also maintains that planning a vacation is almost as enjoyable as going on one.) And he’s a storyteller and humor advocate; Tony believes people learn best when they’re having a good time, sharing personal experiences, and creating connections over shared stories.

    When he’s not helping business leaders reach their goals, you can find Tony woodworking, spending time with his kids and grandkids, or biking around the world; he and his wife have biked for 30 days from Zürich, Switzerland to Budapest, Hungary.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “Spirituality – understanding why I exist, what my purpose is, and how I can live it. Answering the question: what am I here for?”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “Spirituality, personal growth, and relationships. Spirituality is about living my purpose in life. Personal growth is about continually growing and learning, and taking advantage of opportunities. Relationships is about nurturing relationships with my wife, my family, and other people.”

    Why Aileron?

    “It provides me an opportunity to live my values and purpose. I get personal growth here, I get to develop a lot of relationships, and I get to give back. That’s what I like about Aileron.”

What Our Community Says

“It’s a great sounding board for resolving issues and solidifying plans for the future. Because of the group, I feel accountable to myself to implement those resolutions and plans. It also makes me accountable for thinking and acting strategically instead of operationally.”

Steve Shuchat, President of Clean All Services

“The sharing of ideas is the best part. I enter the sessions focused on the topic of the month, but leave with a full page of ideas from other successful business leaders which we can implement in our company.”

Doug Borchers, Superior Aluminum Products

“I value carving out intentional time in my calendar to meet once a month with other business owners for half a day. The best part about my involvement is that we study and practice many of the tools that Aileron makes available to their clients. It’s one thing to attend a seminar to learn new skills. Yet actually practicing and working with those tools on a regular basis has been fabulous!”

Cindy Helman, Money Concepts Financial Planning Centre

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