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Take Your Organization’s Performance to the Next Level

Aileron is excited to host The W. Edwards Deming Institute and two Deming experts. They’ll present a two-and-a-half-day workshop that shows how to apply professional management to your business using core concepts from Deming. Through small-group breakouts, work sessions, and discussion, you’ll develop a systems view of your organization and see how you can improve effectiveness through reduced costs, increased productivity, and accelerated growth and innovation.

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Why sign up?

There’s a way to eliminate having the same conversations with your team over and over again.

What is it?

A two and a half day workshop to help you recognize significant opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity, growth and innovation in your organization.

Who should register?

A business leader looking to improve the organization’s performance through making work visible and continual improvement.


  • Kelly Allan
    Kelly Allan

    Kelly L. Allan is Senior Associate of Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd. (KAAL), a company with 24+ Associates that has been in business since 1974. KAAL consults with organizations large and small, from Asea-Brown-Bovari, Eastman Chemical, PluralSight, South Carolina Department of Revenue, Southwest Airlines, and Toyota – to Design Group Architects & Planners and New York Label & Box. KAAL’s non-profit clients include: The United Way, Aileron, St. Vincent Family Centers, The Ohio Arts Council, and The Dawes Arboretum. KAAL joined the Better Business Bureau in 1982, enjoys the BBB’s highest (A+) rating, and has a spotless record. KAAL excels at effective diagnosis of issues and analysis of opportunities. More than just a consulting firm KAAL also will work hands-on with clients to implement strategies and tactics that achieve lasting results.

    This includes working with companies, helping them to prepare – and to cope with – economic recessions. During the past 12 years, KAAL has helped “turn around” nine companies struggling to survive. All are currently profitable and competitive.

    Kelly has published articles, commentary and letters in a variety of journals, including:

    • The Harvard Business Review
    • The Business First Syndicate
    • Business Marketing Association News
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • Blogger for New York Times
    • Marketing News
    • Inc. Magazine
    • Fast Company
    • Blogger for Forbes.com
    • Personnel Journal...and others

    Kelly has been featured in:

    • THE KNOWING –DOING GAP,  Sam's Club: The Source
    • ABOLISHING PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS,  Quality Progress...and others

    When he retired Peter Scholtes (colleague of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and author of the best-selling books THE TEAM HANDBOOK and THE LEADER’S HANDBOOK) asked Kelly to continue his seminars and consulting practice. Scholtes said, "There is much to appreciate about Kelly. His exceptional ability to combine theory with real world implementations is perhaps what clients appreciate the most."

    Kelly is a frequent presenter at the annual Deming Institute Research Seminar and Deming Institute Conferences. He also serves as the Chairman of The Deming Institute’s Advisory Board.

  • Bill Bellows
    Bill Bellows

What Our Community Says

“Dr. Deming’s Theory of Management has been explained in an applicable way so we can take this information and implement meaningful change.”

“The department I manage employs about 20 people. We talk about functioning as a team but ultimately everyone functions independently. The Deming Management Method will be instrumental in changing the culture of our group and our collective success.”

“It was an excellent use of my time – knowing there’s a system out there that makes it more about the company system and not the people.”

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