Strategic planning is an ongoing process, so where do you start? In an interview with an Aileron Client, Martha Shaker, President of Concept Rehab, we discuss how to evolve your strategy and begin your strategic plan.

Show notes:

[1:00] Martha Shaker answers the question: “What was going on in your business before working on strategy?”
[1:40] Martha shares what can distract her organization from focusing and prioritizing strategic planning—and how they strive to overcome that potential distraction
[3:30] Martha shares more about what focus really means for her and for the company
[4:40] The moment Martha recognized she wanted to reach out to get further support
[8:08] Additional benefits of Strategic Planning
[10:00] Martha shares where her company would be today if they hadn’t taken the time for strategic planning

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Strategic Planning Is An Ongoing Activity

Strategic planning sessions give you the opportunity to gather with your leadership team and your Aileron Business Coach to explore planning strategies so that you can find greater focus and clarity on where the business is headed. This provides a repeatable model for gathering the best ideas for your organization so you can make future decisions with intention and with confidence.

If you are ready to find focus, clarity, and engage your team in setting the direction of the company, consider Strategic Planning at Aileron. It’s a six-month process guided by your facilitator to define the vision, mission, strategies and supporting actions to make the next best version of your business.

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