Conscious Fatherhood: How Conscious Leadership Shows Up at Home | Aileron

Back in May, we celebrated Mother’s Day by sharing how a few of the mothers on our team use conscious leadership at home — and we got such great feedback, we’re here to celebrate Father’s Day with a similar post.

Check out our “Conscious Motherhood” post here or continue reading to discover how a few of Aileron’s team members show up for their children and grandchildren using conscious leadership principles.

“Being conscious of how I’m showing up as a father has been so significant. Utilizing empowering questions with my four-year-old daughter has been so fun and interesting to watch. She loves to ask questions; empowering her to find the answer within herself is so enjoyable to watch. These interactions have led to deeper conversations and ultimately a deeper relationship between us.” –Mike Gossett

“Conscious leadership has taught me how to suspend judgment, be more patient, and communicate better with my children. That has helped to keep our relationships strong and show them they have a voice.” –Larry Rice

“My kids are all grown and married, and I have been thinking about how to be a father to grown adults and also a grandfather. I’m still figuring all this out, but conscious leadership has helped me become more introspective as I seek to learn what I need and what my kids and grandkids need from me — what we call in conscious leadership a true win-win way of thinking.” –Tony Collins

“For me, conscious leadership at home happens on two levels: one as a father of adults and one as a grandfather of grandchildren. On both levels I try to pause and suspend judgment — but it’s harder with adults, which is interesting to me. Why is it easier to pause and suspend judgment with children? Acknowledging and validating is easier with 3-year-olds than thirty-year-olds. You have to acknowledge and validate children more often, but it’s easier to do when the subject is a toy, not a tough personality at work.” –Eric Wiechart