Conscious Motherhood: How Conscious Leadership Impacts Parenthood for the Better | Aileron

We often hear that the impact of conscious leadership extends well beyond the office and is often as impactful (and sometimes more impactful) at home.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked several mothers on our team how conscious leadership has changed the way they parent. Here’s what they said:

“I have found motherhood to be one of the richest practice areas for bringing conscious leadership to life. My son is very different than I am. He processes data differently, expresses his emotions differently, and has a very different perspective about the world. In the past, I would get irritated about those things and try to convince him to see my point of view. I’ve become very intentional about pausing my judgment and asking questions to understand more about his point of view and perspective. One of the greatest gifts out of that is a deeper connection and relationship with him. He’s 20 years old now and I think that requires a different kind of parenting for me than 3, 5, or 10 years ago. Where my parenting was much more directive in the past, my focus has now shifted to show up in level four and five most of the time. It allows us to have a more adult-to-adult relationship and build a deeper appreciation for the gifts that we bring through our differences.” –Anne Thompson

“Conscious leadership has helped me be aware of the energy level I show up with my children. It has equipped me with the tools to acknowledge and validate their big feelings and emotions and, better, the confidence to model healthy expressions of my own emotions.” –Jennifer Rohren

“I use thought-emotion-action in my daily life as a mother. I often find myself reacting from a place of emotion (my partner will attest that I’m a very emotionally driven person), and those emotions often feel like they run the show — in a bad way. When I pause to question the thought behind my emotions and rework that thought, I’m almost always able to get myself in a better emotional space — and then show up more intentionally in my actions toward my son.” –Sam Parker

“I am FOREVER grateful to have conscious leadership in my toolbox when it comes to motherhood. So many tools come to mind, but I think the biggest game-changer for me is the concept of Suspending Judgement. It’s really easy for me to come to fast conclusions around why my kiddo is acting the way that he is, but it wasn’t until I challenged myself to stop and ask questions that I truly started leaning into leading with empathy and showing up as a less angry parent. I also often lean into the seven levels of energy. The faster you learn to identify what level of energy you or someone else is in, the faster you can adapt to the type of support and leadership they need. I can’t wait to introduce these concepts to my son!” –Michaela Van Arsdale

We’re curious: For the mothers in our community, how has conscious leadership impacted your motherhood journey?