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When it comes to a Board of Advisors, these five qualities separate the exasperating from the exceptional. Does your board have them?

A cohesive, high-functioning Board of Advisors can be an invaluable source of wisdom, accountability, and support for a business owner. But if the board is ineffective, misaligned, or poorly managed, it can consume a business owner’s time and energy — and return nothing but stress and frustration.

Aileron’s 5Cs Model for Leading a High Performing Board is an integrated model that exposes the essential factors that empower a board to deliver on its promise of being an irreplaceable resource to the business owner.

As you’re reviewing the five qualities of high performing boards, consider how well your board performs in each of these areas.

The 5Cs Model for Leading a High Performing Board | Aileron

The 5Cs Model for Leading a High Performing Board

  • Competency: The board possesses the background, skills, and experience needed to support the business and the owner.
  • Chemistry: The board has personal harmony and balance, and shares interests, values, personalities, or attitudes.
  • Commitment: Members are committed to supporting the business and the owner and provide impartial, productive advice.
  • Communication: The board can openly discuss ideas, think critically, stay focused, and communicate respectfully.
  • Collaboration: Members are team players working toward a common goal.

Dive deeper into the 5Cs

If you’re a privately held business owner looking to create or improve your outside board, Leading a High Performing Board was designed for you. In this full-day workshop, you’ll leverage Aileron’s 5Cs model to evaluate and improve the competency, chemistry, commitment, communication, and collaboration of your board.

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