How To Build A Work Culture That Appeals To All Generations

2021-04-08T09:19:18-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

People picked on my generation. People picked on my fathers’ generation. People are picking on this generation, and I think it’s wrong,” says Scott McGohan, CEO at [...]

What is Professional Management?

2019-07-25T16:06:38-04:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development, Strategy|

In the video below a number of small business owners explain—in their own words—how professional management has helped their businesses. Professional management is [...]

What’s the Painful Problem Your Business Is Helping to Solve?

2021-04-08T09:09:29-04:00Business Structure, Organizational Performance, Strategy|

Throughout my career, I’ve developed many products and services that were good, sometimes even great. But more times than I would like to admit, they never got not [...]

Are You Building the Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage?

2021-04-08T09:21:18-04:00Business Structure, Organizational Performance, Strategy|

Not all company growth comes from selling more. Wes Gipe, Founder of Agil IT, agrees, saying he experienced this within his own company: “I had been so externally [...]

How To Deal With A Key Employee Leaving: Lessons From A Blue-Collar Millionaire

2021-03-24T14:33:27-04:00Business Structure, Leadership, Organizational Performance, Strategy|

In 2008, Nick Sarillo’s team at Nick’s Pizza & Pub made the decision to abandon its expansion plans for a third restaurant, and refocus on its existing two. (B [...]

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