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Agree or Disagree? Happiness Is Your Employees’ Responsibility

2021-03-24T14:32:11-04:00Business Structure, Culture, People Development|

Sitting on one of the office couches with the garage door open—the light and breeze freely flowing in—Adam Landrum, President & CEO at Up&Up took a moment to take in his surroundings. Adam was sitting in the Up&Up office, located in Greenville, South Carolina. He had designed the space to feel more like a coffee shop and bar rather [ Read More ]

Inside the Mathile Family: Why Mike Mathile Didn’t Believe in Plan B

2022-06-17T12:39:06-04:00Culture, Leadership|

Mike Mathile is an entrepreneur, family business executive, a private investor, husband, and father. He’s also an advisory and board member for multiple companies. While the business community may know him in such roles (Mike is Chairman of CYMI Holdings), many are unaware of the experience that’s greatly shaped how he leads today: his professional baseball past with the [ Read More ]

  • 5 Ways To Build A Culture Of Ownership | Aileron

5 Ways To Build A Culture Of Ownership

2021-04-08T09:21:00-04:00Culture, Leadership|

One hot and humid Saturday morning at Tasty Catering, a supervisor, Steven, noticed one of his team members was loading Indiana-bound equipment onto a truck headed for Wisconsin. Seeing what would be a costly mistake, he yelled, “What is the matter with you? How dumb can you be?” to his colleague. A culinary worker named Hugo Rios-Tellez was one of [ Read More ]

An Open Culture By Design

2019-09-03T15:48:18-04:00Culture, Leadership|

“If you can’t communicate openly, with candor, how is collaboration even possible?” says Bob Johnston, CEO and chairman of the board of directors for Front Burner, the management company for The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. Bob's learned that there is great power in creating an environment where employees share their ideas, opinions, and can problem-solve together in a transparent way. "The Good, The [ Read More ]

  • 3 Ways to Design Company Culture | Aileron

3 Simple Ways to Design a Company Culture


In this video, Jim Sever, fifth generation business owner, shares how connecting the company’s core values to every day decision-making improved the bottom line for his $30M machinery moving, rigging, and crane rental company. We sat down with Jay Meyer, President of JMeyer Strategies, to continue exploring the topic of core values. As a former business owner, Jay now [ Read More ]

  • Create a High-Performance Culture | Aileron

The Secrets to Creating a High-Performing Culture

2021-01-21T08:16:10-05:00Business Structure, Culture, Leadership|

It took patience, but Bernard Dalichau, in this video also featured on Forbes, shares how he was able to cultivate an environment in which open communication became one of the driving forces of Lavender Home Care Solutions’ success. Joe Calloway, an author of seven books on business performance, a keynote speaker, a consultant, and an advisor who helps great companies [ Read More ]

  • Successful Entrepreneurs Hear ‘That’s Not My Job’ | Aileron

Successful Entrepreneurs Hear ‘That’s Not My Job’

2021-03-01T09:44:08-05:00Culture, Leadership, People Development|

“There will always be 20 things that you're not doing,” says Srujal Sheth in this video featured on Forbes. Srujal is President and CEO of Vana Solutions, an information technology services company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. “Either they go away, or you ask somebody else, or you get your team to do it,” she says. Learn to Delegate Successfully [ Read More ]

  • Working With Your Spouse? | Aileron

Working With Your Spouse? Practical Tips from Margie Blanchard

2021-04-08T09:08:48-04:00Culture, Organizational Performance, People Development|

“When it comes to going into business with your spouse, don’t let other people discourage you,” says Margie Blanchard, Ph.D, a business owner, management consultant and trainer, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and speaker. Margie is co-owner of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a management consulting and training company she founded with her husband in 1979. “There are a lot of great stories [ Read More ]

  • Empower Employees to Care about Company Performance | Aileron

Empower Employees to Care About Your Company Performance

2021-01-21T08:16:35-05:00Culture, Leadership, Organizational Performance, People Development|

What if your employees could see behind the curtain of how the company is run? Tony Schroeder, as shown in this video, took this approach with surprising results. “They know every line item on all those financial statements have a story," and Tony expected them to know it. For 22 years, Tony has led Choice One Engineering, a civil [ Read More ]

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