What is Founder’s Day? | Aileron

We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural Founder’s Day — a special time to honor the visionary leadership of our founder, Clay Mathile, and his enduring dream for Aileron. Each Janurary, we will intentionally use this time for our community — business owners, leaders, and advocates – to come together and collectively advance Clay’s vision for Aileron.

Founder’s Day is more than just a celebration: It’s an opportunity to contribute to our shared vision of embracing professional management to build thriving businesses and communities. It’s also a chance to give back and reflect on Clay’s legacy.

When is Founder’s Day?

Founder’s Day is on Clay’s birthday, January 11th, but we’ll host activities throughout the month of January, allowing everyone to participate in ways that align with their schedules

Embracing Clay’s spirit: “Dream No Little Dreams”

Each year, Founder’s Day has a specific focus to inspire our activities and celebrations. Founder’s Day 2024 focuses on the power of dreaming. Inspired by Clay’s personal mantra, “Dream no little dreams,” all activities encourage you to explore the potential of creating, sharing, manifesting, and realizing your dreams, both personally and professionally.

How can you participate in Founder’s Day?

Clay believed that the key to a meaningful life and organization lay in the continuous cycle of learning, doing, and giving. This philosophy forms the foundation of Founder’s Day, offering opportunities to:


  • Personal Vision Workshop: In Aileron’s new and complimentary Personal Vision Workshop, your facilitator will guide you through the process of clarifying and documenting your personal vision: an articulation of your dream that can guide your actions as you pursue it. You’ll leave with a tangible vision to guide you forward. Space is limited, so please RSVP for this experience.
  • Self-explore Campus experiences: Journey through interactive learning experiences that explore Clay’s vision for Aileron and the power of dreams.


  • Articulate your dream: Share your dream during the Personal Vision Workshop or inspire others by sharing it on social media using #dreamnolittledreams.
  • Reserve space on Campus: Leverage Aileron’s resources and spaces to work towards realizing your dream.


  • Support the Forever Fund: Help ensure the long-term sustainability of Aileron and Clay’s dream by donating to the Forever Fund.
  • Invite a Peer: Share your Aileron journey and Clay’s inspiring vision by inviting a fellow business leader or dreamer to Campus to learn more about our community.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Founder’s Day. To learn more about this event, register, and explore ways to contribute, please visit Founder’s Day.