What has changed for Heather Brown—and the company she works for—since working with Aileron?

Heather Brown, now a Production Manager for Ramco Electric Motors, answers that question and more in our latest podcast.

During her 12 years with the company, Heather explains how she’s worked her way up within the organization. Learn how she learned key tools from Aileron that helped her as she transitioned into a leadership position in the company for the first time.

Heather’s story also includes:

  • How Ramco empowers employees to share, and then act on, the best way to get work done
  • How Ramco’s company culture is now better able to utilize their resources (in part, thanks to Deming principles)
  • How work/life balance has changed across the company
  • The biggest thing that’s changed for her and the culture they are fostering at Ramco

Episode notes:

[0:31] The point when Heather recognized she needed new tools and skills as she grew within the company
[0:45] Heather answers, “What’s changed since working with Aileron?”
[1:45] When leadership shifted ownership to every employee to empower them to drive change (and what that meant for utilizing resources)
[2:09] The change Heather has seen in the company President/CEO since implementing professional management
[2:57] Heather describes how Ramco’s President/CEO cares about his employees—and how involved he is with his people
[3:39] How Ramco is taking steps so that the company is sustainable and so that it becomes a destination employer

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