Founder’s Day: A Call to Learn, Do and Give | Aileron

Our founder, Clay Mathile, embodied a philosophy that resonated beyond Aileron. His mindset of “learning, doing, giving” was a blueprint for building a meaningful life, thriving organization, and impactful community.

“I believe everyone should spend a third of their life learning, a third [doing], and a third giving it away.” – Clay Mathile

He believed that the greatest contribution an individual could make was to engage in a continuous cycle of personal growth, purposeful action, and selfless service. On Founder’s Day, we invite you to join us in honoring Clay’s legacy by diving into this transformative cycle.

What does it mean to learn, do, and give?

To Clay, this cycle wasn’t a linear progression, but a continuous loop. Learning was a catalyst for doing, which in turn led to giving back to the next generation, perpetuating the cycle. He lived this lifecycle himself, embracing lifelong learning, leading impactful businesses, and giving back as his philanthropic work lifted the lives of countless individuals and communities.

How can you learn, do, and give during Founder’s Day?

The beauty of this framework lies in its flexibility. While our Founder’s Day activities offer a starting point, make “learning, doing, giving” your own. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t, and create your personal journey of growth and impact.

Here are just a few ways to ignite your “learning, doing, giving” journey as you integrate this transformative cycle and mindset into your everyday life.

Spark your learning

  • Fuel your curiosity: Dive into podcasts, online courses, and documentaries. Embrace diverse perspectives through book clubs, peer groups, and online communities.
  • Seek mentorship: Find someone who embodies your aspirations and learn from their wisdom.
  • Embrace community: Surround yourself with individuals who inspire and challenge you to learn and grow.

Turn your learning into action

  • Set aside time: Dedicate time and space each day, week, or month to dive into a project, dream, or goal that has been on pause.
  • Collaborate and share: Partner with like-minded individuals who amplify your impact and inspire action in your work.
  • Become a maker: Channel your learning into tangible action by creating, building, or fixing.

Give back and inspire others

  • Pay it forward: Mentor someone and share your knowledge; be the spark that ignites their journey.
  • Support dreams: Sponsor a class, workshop, or initiative that empowers the aspirations of others. Find inspiration by sharing Aileron’s services with a peer or colleague.
  • Local volunteering: Connect with causes close to your heart and offer your time, skills, and compassion.

“Learning, doing, and giving” goes beyond Founder’s Day — it’s a lifelong commitment. Let Clay’s legacy inspire you to embrace a life of continuous learning, purposeful action, and selfless giving. Explore more ways to learn, do, and give here.