Do You Need Executive Coaching? | Aileron

There are many coaches who can help improve your leadership skills and grow your business, and when we’re asked to give a recommendation on what tools or courses will help someone grow, our simple answer is: it depends.

Our more thorough answer starts with the end in mind. What are your desired outcomes? Does your current business management practice lend itself to forward growth? What skills could you hone to lead your team especially well?

We believe much of what guides the work of business leaders is situational. Making intentional choices for next steps and best practice implementation depends on circumstances, the people involved, desired experiences, the type of business, and so much more.

And while there is not a one-size-fits-most approach to business management or executive consulting, we can provide guidance to help clarify what type of business coaching, management consulting, or executive coaching might be a next right step for you.

Leadership Coaching vs. Business Coaching: Which to Use When

Leadership coaching creates specific, guided time to focus on your own capabilities and the outcomes that matter most to you.

We often think of leadership coaching and business coaching as two ends of the skill development spectrum. Leadership coaching requires asking thoughtful questions and realizing the genius is in the room; the coach doesn’t give specific advice, but rather guides the business owner to find his or her way to a solution.

Business coaching, while also incorporating intentional questions and considering how to get to the desired outcome, places greater focus on the whole organization and its needs. It starts with your coach learning the motivations and competencies within the business, then providing specific, actionable counsel based on the situation.

For many of our community members, the choice between leadership coaching, business coaching, or any other number of business management and executive consulting sessions isn’t an either/or. Often, members need both. Sometimes focus is heavier on the overall business for a period, and sometimes folks need help working through leadership skills as the company navigates a change or approaches a milestone.

What to Expect from Business Coaching at Aileron

Many of your experiences with Aileron will include learning from fellow entrepreneurs and finding accountability to take the steps that will move you forward. Specific to our business coaching work, you can also expect:

Starting with the End in Mind

Our coaches begin by working to understand what you’re working toward. What outcomes do you want from your business? What would you like to be different a year from now? The answers uncovered by articulating the “end” you desire will help your coach identify where to focus your collaborative efforts.

Thoughtful, Purposeful Questions

Using our own experiences as entrepreneurs and business owners, we will ask intentional questions to help you thoroughly examine your situation and challenge your assumptions in a way that helps you move forward. You’ll get advice on actionable steps from someone who’s had similar experiences.

Related Industry Experience – and Not

And, some of our best learning comes from people whose experiences don’t look exactly like our own. We’ve learned there are benefits to working with someone who doesn’t have an identical experience and can complement your industry-specific challenges with a different lens. Whether you own a brewery or an HVAC company, you may be facing similar revenue and cost issues, and we all learn from each other.

Regardless of what business or leadership support you need, Aileron offers many thought partnership opportunities with individuals who have been in your shoes and can guide you toward success – whatever that looks like for you.

Let’s get started.