Are You Feeling the Most Common Pains of Business Ownership? | Aileron

At Aileron, we practice customer intimacy and frequently conduct customer research so we can design services and content that support our community of business owners.

Part of our process involves completing the Strategyzer Value Proposition Canvas. This tool helps us more deeply understand business owners, the challenges they face, and the outcomes they’re after.

Since we started collecting this input, we’ve gathered feedback from hundreds of business owners; while we often hear business ownership can feel like a lonely journey, the challenges business owners face are remarkably similar.

If you’re a business owner and you find yourself in the lists below, you’ve come to the right place.

The most important jobs for business owners

When asked, business owners say the most important work they need to do is:

  • Set direction
  • Drive growth
  • Develop their people
  • Achieve the organization’s objectives/KPIs
  • Make decisions
  • Influence culture
  • Solve problems
  • Manage change
  • Delegate and distribute work

The most common pains for business owners

While the jobs above are what they’re aiming to do, they struggle with:

  • Delegating
  • Managing or overcoming fear
  • Finding the time
  • Managing relationships
  • Finding, developing, and retaining people
  • Prioritizing
  • Setting and executing a strategy
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Stress

The most common gains for business owners

While leading the business, business owners say they crave:

  • More freedom
  • A thriving culture
  • Satisfied employees
  • Productivity
  • Financial stability and security
  • Personal growth
  • Joy
  • Confidence
  • Purpose

Find relief in Course for Presidents

Aileron’s Course for Presidents is specifically designed around the jobs, pains, and gains of business owners. The service offers an introduction to Aileron’s professional management system for running a thriving business, and helps business owners fulfill their jobs, minimize their pains, and maximize their gains.

In Course for Presidents, you’ll learn with a small cohort of like-minded peers who are experiencing the same pains and in search of the same gains as you. You’ll leave feeling more competent, more confident, more connected, and more energized about leading your business into the future.

“I learned more about leading my business, and about myself as a leader, during the two days I spent at the Course for Presidents than I have in just about any other setting.”

Cooper Munroe, The Motherhood Inc.