3 Reasons Business Owners Onboard Their Leadership Teams to Professional Management | Aileron

Professional management is a team sport — it’s easier, more effective, and more transformative when your entire team is onboard. Here’s how you’ll benefit from bringing your leadership team with you on the journey, and how Activating Professional Management can set them up to succeed.

1. You’ll have powerful change leaders

Installing professional management across the organization is wildly transformative — but it’s too big a task for even the most competent president to handle alone.

Activating Professional Management helps your senior leadership team understand their role in your organization’s professional management journey. They’ll leave the workshop ready to support the business owner and lead the change you’re craving.

2. You’ll all speak the same language

In Course for Presidents, business owners learn dozens of tools and techniques for running a better business, and like any kind of learning experience, the workshop equips owners with a new vocabulary for talking about and managing the business.

Activating Professional Management helps the senior leadership team onboard to that shared language, so when you’re back at the office and the president sparks a conversation about “accidental values,” “suspending judgement,” or “the business model canvas,” the team knows what they’re referencing and can dive into the conversation without pause.

“It’s so powerful to speak the same language with your management team.”

– Matt Ross, VP of Operations at Killer Brownie

3. They’ll learn tools they can use to level-up their own work

While Activating Professional Management equips senior leaders to support the president, it also onboards them to a curated collection of powerful, practical business tools. Tools like a systems map, value proposition canvas, or the ABC tool will help them lead their own departments and teams more effectively.

Onboard Your Leadership Team in Activating Professional Management

Activating Professional Management is like Course for Presidents for senior leaders. In this two-day workshop, your leadership team members — think senior-level executives — will learn the language, concepts, and tools you learned in Course for Presidents. They’ll also learn how they can support you and your organization in your professional management journey.