Your Professional Management Assessment Results

Your Professional Management Assessment Results

Your Direction Results: Ready for the Next Step

Congratulations! Based on your answers, it’s clear you’re making a positive impact as you lead your organization and your team to achieve your vision.

You can continue to hone your skills through conscious leadership, a philosophy that’s transformed thousands of organizations, cultures, and lives. It empowers teams to grow their collective and individual potential, drive culture change, and have more powerful, transparent conversations.

You can read a succinct overview of conscious leadership, how it’s different from traditional leadership, and how it can transform your team and culture in this post: What is Conscious Leadership?

Your Operation Results: Needs Attention

It sounds like you have an opportunity to improve the Operations arm of your business. The good news is that investing time in this part of the business can be transformative, especially for a business owner who feels wrapped up to the day-to-day and wants the freedom to step away.

Aileron helps organizations adopt a systems thinking mindset — an approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of every aspect of your business — and install systems, structures, processes, and routines that empower your team to do their best work. The outcome is more efficiency, predictability, and consistency — and less pressure on the business owner to have their hands in all parts of the business.

You can read a quick overview of systems thinking, how it’s different from what most businesses do, and how it can change your organization in this post: What is Systems Thinking?

Your Control Results: Needs Attention

Control is all about measuring and monitoring your business so you can understand what’s working and what needs to change to reach your desired outcomes. Based on your answers, it sounds like you could use some support in this part of the business.

A high-performing board of advisors can provide invaluable wisdom, feedback, and perspective as you aim to stay on track and reach the goals you’ve set for the business. An outside board also helps alleviate the loneliness and pressure many business owners experience.

We’ve helped thousands of business owners stand up a new board or improve their existing board through Leading a High Performing Board, a workshop that provides proven practices and strategies for leading a cohesive, impactful outside board with clarity and confidence. Learn more about Leading a High Performing Board here.

What’s Next? Transform Your Business, Change Your Life

The fact that you’ve taken this assessment shows how intentional you are about running your business. Our flagship program — Course for Presidents — has helped thousands of business owners and their teams adopt professional management and run thriving businesses. Just two days with us will spark a journey that will transform your business and change your life.

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