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Mark Strauss | Aileron

Mark Strauss

Leadership Coach

(937) 669-6569

As a Leadership Coach, Mark works with Aileron members to bring their goals to the surface, asking the right questions and facilitating a process that empowers them to bring their desired outcomes to light. Mark brings to his work a background in merging communications and customer service to create exceptional, loyalty-building customer experiences from start to finish.

Mark is an empath; he is quick to suspend judgment and lets his natural ability to try on someone else’s shoes create a healthy and supportive coaching environment. He uses a bird’s-eye approach, leveraging his sales, communications, marketing, and consulting experiences to understand the challenges his clients face. And he sees coaching not as a space to give advice, but as an opportunity to help others bring their own answers to the surface.

When Mark isn’t helping business leaders grow, he’s producing his own short film, spending time with his wife Allison, or exploring parks near their home in beautiful southwest Michigan.

What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

“Being present and in the moment.”

What are the values that drive you?

“Empathy, honesty, relationships, and outcomes.”

Why Aileron?

“Because of my background in marketing and branding, I have a sixth sense for understanding an organization’s values when I visit their website. When I visited Aileron online, I got the sense that this was a group that balances people’s holistic needs with the business’s needs, and I value that approach.”

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