What We Do

We help take privately held businesses, teams, cultures, and individuals to the next level of growth.

Start With Your Outcomes

We believe in starting with the end in mind. We meet you where you are, and we’ll help you envision where you want your business to go. What does your version of success looks like?

Develop Your Plan

A vision is a dream with a plan. After we know what you want, together we’ll create the steps to get there.

Match Resources to Reach Your Goals

Once your desired outcomes and plan are visible, we can get tactical and actually match Aileron’s Professional Management System resources to your plan to help you reach your goals.

Professional Management System

Professional Management helps businesses who want to grow successfully by focusing on what’s important and aligning their team. Implementing professional management is a way to reach and sustain your desired outcomes. By setting a clear direction, aligning operations, and putting controls in place, you can get the results you are looking for.


Establishing the future desired state and leading the change to reach it.


Aligning the business model, operations, and team development to achieve the organization’s goals.


Fostering an environment and studying business results to reach the future desired state.

What Our Community Says

“I feel enlightened after becoming more familiar with my values and beliefs. I’ve learned more about myself and becoming aware of my actions.”

Jessica Taylor, ARC Abrasives

“It’s definitely a huge benefit to get a lot of lessons about different things like culture, strategy, organization, people, measuring things. You can get so much here. It’s like getting an MBA without having an MBA. And it’s fun along the way.”

Lynn Elfers, Affordable Language Services

“The realization that I can take small steps to help impact the company has left me feeling motivated.”

Maddie Hazelwood, PQ Systems

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