The Aileron Campus

A Space for our Community to Gather

The Aileron campus was built as a space to step away from daily operations and focus on building the business you want. Surround yourself with others who are learning and implementing professional management.

If you are implementing professional management and need a space to focus, our community’s campus is a fit for you.

You’ll find the community here on campus engaging in:

Aileron Services, Events, and Retreats

Business Advising, Coaching, and Mentoring

Workshops, Training, and Development

Strategic Planning and Board Meetings

Why join?

Get a Campus Pass to make the most of the Aileron campus, as you focus on professional management.

What is it?

Passholders get a special rate on campus reservations, access to use common work areas, and the ability to reserve Focus Rooms, the Dream Room, and the Team Gazebo at no cost.

Who should join?

Organizations looking for a space to work towards being more professionally managed.

Not ready to join yet? You can still use our space to host your next meeting.

No matter where you are coming from, or how often you can join us, we welcome you to our community’s hub. If you are working on your business, you can reserve our space at the Aileron campus.

Aileron Community Events

Workshop Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Focus Rooms

Visiting the Aileron Campus?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What Our Community Says

“Everything about the day was spot on because magic can happen when there is a grounding intention and reflective space like Aileron offers. It was music to my ears when I heard people repeatedly share they loved being able to walk around the grounds and reflect on a session we’d just completed.”

Leslie Hershberger, KATZEN International

“I’ve benefitted from the fact simply being at the Aileron campus forces me to think about my business in different ways.”

Rich Boyer, Modern Think

“When I enter Aileron’s campus, I walk through the glass doors and feel – ahhh – a Zen moment. Peace. Quiet. Focus. Aileron professionals inspire my best thinking, and when I drive away I leave the radio turned off, to preserve the moment and give thanks for the wisdom I’ve gained.”

Joe Berninger, The Cooperative for Education