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Our business advisors are exceptional people like you. They’ve been business owners and leaders and have made journeys similar to yours. They know your success, and they know your obstacles. They also know professional management, and they have one goal: to provide continued guidance and support.


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Each session is focused on you. Your Business Advisor will help you focus on what’s important to your business. When’s the last time you devoted time for yourself?

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One-on-one time with an experienced business leader who’s been in your shoes and can guide you towards action, continued success, and provide tools and resources along the way.

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You’ve taken the Course for Presidents® and want continued support and accountability towards implementing professional management.

Business Advisors

  • Dave Allison
    Business Advisor
    Dave Allison
    Business Advisor

    As a Business Advisor, Dave helps Aileron community members answer the big-picture question: What’s next? He brings to Aileron decades of experience helping large corporations like Honda and BF Goodrich answer that question through leadership positions in engineering, packaging, procurement, and international relations.

    Dave is known for his relatable coaching style; he’s quick to lean on his business experience – and its many ups and downs – to empathize with his clients. He’s situationally motivational, easily meeting people where they’re at emotionally to support them when and how they need it. And he’s tenacious; he’s known for being the person who will take on the hardest problems and face them with unrelenting energy and resolve.

    When he’s not supporting business leaders as they plan for the future, Dave enjoys playing volleyball, competing in triathlons, and rating golf courses for Golf Digest.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “Self-reflection and self-development; professionally I’ve done a lot, but on a personal level, there’s always room to improve and do better.”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “I value being helpful, courteous, and kind. I find that a little act of kindness can make a big difference, even if you don’t know it.”

    Why Aileron?

    “I chose Aileron because I wanted to make a big impact helping several organizations rather than being a leader at a single one. That’s what drives me – making an impact on people’s lives.”

  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
    Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator

    Over the last 25 years, Tony has started, turned-around or helped grow over five different small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries.

    At the age of 26, Tony founded a non-regulated energy service subsidiary of DPL, Inc. that he quickly led to profitably during its first year of operations. Having led on one subsidiary to profitability, Tony was tapped by DPL Inc.’s CEO to lead the turnaround of a technology subsidiary where he executed a new strategy that resulted in a 200% increase in sales and the subsidiary’s first profit. Tony left DPL Inc. after a 15-year career to help grow an early and pioneering internet start-up.

    Prior to startingTurningPoint Strategy over 10 years ago, Tony was Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Product Development for Cadence Network, a web-based cost management company that attracted $14 Million in venture funding. Tony was the architect behind the strategy that shifted Cadence Network into high-growth attracting such marquee clients as The Limited, Footlocker, Blockbuster Video, and AT&T Wireless. Forbes Magazine selected Cadence as Best of The Web B2B due in a large part to Tony’s strategy innovation and leadership.

    At TurningPoint Strategy, Tony is an expert in growth strategy development, planning, execution and strategic marketing. Tony has authored a series of small business strategy workshops and presentations that he has delivered throughout the U.S. He also authors a blog called Big Strategy for Small Business. Tony is often called upon by business leaders for advice and input how and where to strategically grow their business.

    Tony received his BS in Marketing from WSU, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Dayton. Tony serves or has served on several non-profit and for-profit boards in his community.

    Tony is an avid runner, competitive tennis player and chef wannabe that lives in Lebanon, Ohio with his wife Janet and his daughters Lindsey and Maddie.

  • Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Wes Gipe
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    Wes Gipe works with business owners and their teams as a trusted facilitator, business advisor and coach. Known for his enthusiasm and high-energy approach, Wes’s willingness to boldly approach tough issues and go the extra mile have gained him loyal clients who look to him for help with strategic planning, leadership and culture development, and conflict resolution.

    Wes started his journey as an Aileron client in 2008. After applying Aileron’s Professional Management principles to build a self-managing company, he now spends much of his time helping other organizations—big and small—build a strategy that endures. Through this work, he has logged over 9,000 coaching hours with more than 500 individuals throughout North America and Europe. His work has been featured in Forbes as well as other national media outlets. Wes resides in Miami County, OH with his wife and three rambunctious boys.

  • Jack Lohbeck
    Business Advisor
    Jack Lohbeck
    Business Advisor
    Jack Lohbeck began serving on an advisory board for an Aileron client in 2002. Since that time, he has served on four additional boards in that capacity. In 2011, Jack began facilitating several of Aileron’s programs including Becoming an Effective Board Member as well as Interpreting Your Financial Results. In 2014, he expanded his involvement by becoming a Business Advisor assisting business owners and presidents intent on implementing professional management within their organizations.
    Since 2005, in his role as a senior business consultant for Battelle Rippe Kingston LLP, a firm based in Dayton, Ohio, Jack has been assisting companies and organizations engage in corporate planning, with a focus on prioritizing issues and strategies. He also provides expert guidance on financial and operational matters; drawing on 27 years of corporate experience with both privately held and publicly traded companies. Jack has served as Vice President of Finance and Administration for the eastern region of Utility Services Inc. USI is a wholly owned subsidiary of MDU Resources Inc., a diversified energy company. Prior to this position, he was President and Chief Operating Officer of the Wagner Group of Companies in Dayton Ohio. Wagner Smith was a privately held company founded in Dayton in 1917. The Wagner Group of Companies engaged in electrical and mechanical construction as well as equipment manufacturing and leasing. During the 1990’s, revenue from operations grew from $18 million to over $100 million in 2000. On July 2nd of that year, MDU Resources, a publicly traded company, acquired Wagner-Smith and related Companies.
    Jack is active in the community as past president of The Rotary Club of Dayton, board member of Rebuilding Together Dayton, and a board member of The Miami Valley Hospital as well as Premier Health. He has been an instructor in accounting at Sinclair Community College and has also served as an adjunct professor at the University Of Dayton School Of Law. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Chris McAtee
    Business Advisor
    Chris McAtee
    Business Advisor

    As an Aileron Business Advisor, Chris engages with business owners and leaders to help them set their strategies, grow their companies, and change their lives both personally and professionally. Chris began his relationship with Aileron in Course for Presidents, and after a career in various operational and executive leadership roles, he joined the team to help fulfill our mission of improving lives across America.

    Chris believes a meaningful life – and meaningful work – begins and ends with people; he’s naturally driven to build deep and lasting relationships. He’s adept at listening and observing people and organizations to suss out the core issues preventing growth. And he’s a dedicated lifelong learner; currently Chris is learning how to play the piano.

    Chris loves to travel with his wife and best friend, Theresa. They enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren, and getting away for a sunny, beachside vacation. When he’s at home, you can find Chris at the gym, singing with his church choir, or with his nose in a book.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “I’m always working on my own personal development in the areas of human connection, business knowledge, leadership practices, and spirituality. I work hard to practice active listening and suspending judgement.”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “Family values – caring for others and helping them no matter where they are now or where they want to be.”

    Why Aileron?

    “Aileron’s mission perfectly aligns with my personal values – helping other people get better. Here we do it with business organizations and leaders, but it’s still an execution of my personal mission.”

  • Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Tony Schroeder
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a Business Advisor, Facilitator, and Leadership Coach, Tony executes Aileron’s mission of improving the quality of life in America by teaching business leaders the advantages of incorporating clarity and simplicity into their businesses and lives. An entrepreneur himself, Tony gets is fulfilled by empowering people to practice professional management as a personal and business growth tool.

    Tony loves simplicity and believes the most effective things happen when people have clarity and understanding. He’s an avid and enthusiastic planner; Tony believes having a plan prepares people for focused execution and allows people to make adjustments along the way. (He also maintains that planning a vacation is almost as enjoyable as going on one.) And he’s a storyteller and humor advocate; Tony believes people learn best when they’re having a good time, sharing personal experiences, and creating connections over shared stories.

    When he’s not helping business leaders reach their goals, you can find Tony woodworking, spending time with his kids and grandkids, or biking around the world; he and his wife have biked for 30 days from Zürich, Switzerland to Budapest, Hungary.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “Spirituality – understanding why I exist, what my purpose is, and how I can live it. Answering the question: what am I here for?”

    What are the values that drive you?

    “Spirituality, personal growth, and relationships. Spirituality is about living my purpose in life. Personal growth is about continually growing and learning, and taking advantage of opportunities. Relationships is about nurturing relationships with my wife, my family, and other people.”

    Why Aileron?

    “It provides me an opportunity to live my values and purpose. I get personal growth here, I get to develop a lot of relationships, and I get to give back. That’s what I like about Aileron.”

  • Anne Thompson
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach
    Anne Thompson
    Business Advisor, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

    As a Business Advisor and Facilitator at Aileron, Anne Thompson uses her expertise in organizational, leadership, and culture development to help businesses achieve their vision and purpose. Anne’s diverse experience in working with small privately held businesses, large public corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofits – and growing a business herself – enables her to quickly understand the context and culture of organizations, ask important questions to uncover key levers for change, and assist business leaders in identifying and implementing strategies, structures, and behaviors to create positive, sustainable change in all kinds of organizations.

    Anne is endlessly curious; she uses the power of question to help people make sense of situations and uncover insights. She’s passionate about partnership, and driven to empower her clients to turn their hopes and dreams into realities. She has deep expertise in emotional and social intelligence, and sees the integration of the head and the heart as critical to developing the self, and in turn developing others. 

    In her free time, you can find Anne, her husband, and their son jet setting around the world to experience different cultures and cuisines, or enjoying a beer and OSU football game while stateside.

    What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

    “I’m always striving to operate from a mindset of being ‘good enough.’ It’s counter-culture to feel that what I do doesn’t equate to the value I have as a person. To get there, I’m continually connecting to the intention of my heart and my desire to serve. That helps to minimize the ‘I’m not good enough’ narrative.” 

    What are the values that drive you?

    “I’m driven by mastery and serving clients through evidence-based, practiced strategies. I thrive on collaboration and work to build reciprocal, respectful relationships. And I practice empathy. I embrace people where they’re at while also challenging them to stretch just a bit further outside of their comfort zone to help them see greater possibilities.”

    Why Aileron?

    “At Aileron, we consistently put into practice with each other what we offer to our clients. Aileron is its own learning lab for all the concepts we’re asking our business leaders to embrace. I love that about this organization.”

  • Wendy Vloedman
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
    Wendy Vloedman
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
    Wendy Vloedman began working with Aileron in 2008 as a facilitator for the President’s Roundtable, which has evolved into the Course for President’s Peer Group. She continues to work with the Aileron team to build and develop the organization’s internal Human Resources systems and practices and to add great talent to the staff. She currently facilitates the Course for President’s Peer Group and the Course for Managers, and she serves on a number of boards for privately held companies in addition to providing Executive Coaching for individual clients.
    She began her 23-year career with The Iams Company as a Territory Sales Representative in 1984 when the company’s staff numbered just over 100, while sales were less than $50 million annually. During her tenure with Iams and later, with Procter & Gamble when The Iams Company was acquired, Wendy moved through roles of sales management, sales training, training & development leadership, and human resources. She served as the Director of Iams University, a prototype of sorts for what would eventually become Aileron, and in 2000 she became the Human Resources leader for P&G Pet Care, a $1.7 billion subsidiary of Procter and Gamble. In that role, Wendy played an active role on the leadership team and spearheaded the integration of the organization’s practices, policies, and culture after The Iams Company was acquired in 1999.
    Wendy brings to privately held business owners her passion and expertise for people development, organizational strategy and change, culture, and performance management. Her deep roots and hands-on, practical experience in the fundamentals of professional management give her a unique perspective in assisting presidents and owners who are committed to establishing stronger professional management processes in their own companies.
    Wendy achieved her BS degree from Western Illinois University and is a certified P&G Executive Coach. For fun, she likes to cook, ride her horse, read, and create fabric art.

What Our Community Says

“It gave us a structure that supported what we were doing and it also gave us a discipline to focus on what we are doing and how we are doing it.”

Jill Mendoza, IDO Incoporated

“Identifying and recognizing my strengths and then building off of those, but specifically pinpointing my weaknesses as well and trying to grow from those has really impacted my leadership style.”

Mike Whalen, Playcare Playground Specialist

“Aileron is a sounding board, a coach, a mentor, that gives you guidance and advice that you have to execute.”

Jim Lee, Simple QuE

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