Resources for Becoming a More Conscious Leader

Journey On

Becoming a more conscious leader is a lifelong pursuit. Whether you’re in the middle of the 2-year program or a recent graduate, we hope these resources inspire, guide, and refresh you along the way.

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Workshop Tools

BMCL Onboarding Guide

The Onboarding Guide includes:

  • Program Overview
  • Accountability Partner Information
  • Peer Group Details
  • Recommendations to Leverage Your Leadership Coach
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Conscious Leadership

The Explore Conscious Leadership workshop includes:

  • Connecting Thought, Emotion, And Action
  • Reflect On Your Own Thought, Emotion, And Action
  • The 7 Levels Of Energy
  • Diving Deeper Into The 7 Levels Of Energy
  • Separating True From Truth
  • Determining True And Truth In Your Life
  • Choosing Your Energy Level
  • Setting Intentions

Leading Powerful Conversations

The Leading Powerful Conversations workshop includes:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Empowering Questions
  • Clarifying
  • Acknowledging
  • Validating
  • Tips For Creating Powerful Conversations

Leading With Your Best Self

The Leading With Your Best Self workshop includes:

  • The Wheel Of Satisfaction
  • Energy Blocks
  • The Gremlin
  • Identifying Your Gremlin
  • Assumptions
  • Challenging An Assumption
  • Interpretations
  • Examining An Interpretation
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Examining Your Beliefs
  • Defining And Reaching The Next Level For Yourself
  • Getting To The Next Level

Learning To Work Through Others

The Learning To Work Through Others workshop includes:

  • Types Of Motivation
  • 7 Levels Of Energy For Leaders/Organizations
  • Understanding The Energy Levels Of Others
  • Applying The Energy Level Of Others
  • Effective Delegation
  • Giving Feedback
  • Skills To Drive Execution

Understanding Your Influence On Culture

The Understanding Your Influence On Culture workshop includes:

  • Life Values
  • The Reality Of The Importance Of Values
  • Motivation By Fear
  • Leading From Values
  • Expressing Your Values
  • Choosing New Thoughts, Beliefs, And Values
  • Impact Of Values/Actions
  • Values At Work
  • Comparing Values And Behaviors

Advance Your Decision Making

The Advance Your Decision Making workshop includes:

  • Framing The Decision
  • Barriers To Decision Making
  • Energy And Language In Decision Making
  • Change/No Change Decision-Making Tool
  • Values And Gails In Decisions
  • Decision Information 360
  • Creative Respiration
  • Implementing Creative Respiration
  • Your Thought And Emotion In The Situation
  • Pdsa
  • Overcoming Barriers In Decision Making

Maximize Team Performance

The Maximize Team Performance workshop includes:

  • Experiences With Teams
  • Your Core Thought About ‘Team’
  • The Story In My Head
  • Communication Norms
  • The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team
  • Satisfaction With Team Performance
  • Discussing Performance With Your Team
  • The Team Alignment Map
  • The Team Alignment Snapshot
  • Common Thoughts-Emotions-Actions About Conflict
  • My Core Thoughts-Emotions-Actions About Conflict
  • How I Show Up In Conflict
  • How Others Show Up In Conflict
  • Skills For Leading Powerful Conversations