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You have the business and the expertise, but you have questions and concerns about what steps to take next. We’ve had them, too. That’s why we believe in the Professional Management System because as a community of business owners, we’ve faced challenges in our own businesses. What we discovered is a way to sharpen your focus and accelerate the journey to a better business.

Step Into Your Business


DISCOVER that when to change is as important as why to change. As a leader, you’ll rethink, reorganize, and refocus plenty of times.


ENERGIZE your business plan and refine your mission with the Professional Management System. Make sure your people are part of the plan, too.


BENEFIT from personalized guidance that supports your leadership plan. Each leader has distinctive needs.


MAINTAIN connections with your partners at Aileron for the next step in your future or for the next 10 steps. Continual support is part of the deal.




Expect a change in perspective about what’s possible for your business.


You’ll no longer wonder about what step to take next, or place your trust in a strategy-of-the-day approach. You’ll craft your plan with Aileron partners, and set clear direction that connects all the moving parts. It’s an investment in your business culture, your mission, and your leadership.


Expect to secure the tools, techniques, resources, and support to build a stronger, more sustainable business. We’ve helped thousands of business leaders like you deal with changing markets and find opportunities. We’ll help you turn the corner, while preparing you for what’s around that corner.

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Professional Management System


The Blueprint for Growing Your Business Strategically


Our Direction, Operation, and Control (DOC) model is the heart of our Professional Management approach. It’s the launching point for strengthening your business. It showcases the leadership principles that shift your focus from the day-to-day grind to strategic, long-term business planning. It sparks the shift from working in your business to working on your business.


DOC is the backbone of our small-business training and coaching. Six disciplines combine to support our unified DOC model. Crafting changes through these disciplines advances your journey to the business you want.


You’ll evaluate your current business and develop a strategy for growth. Plus, you’ll gather leadership insights to motivate your people to achieve the same goal.


You’ll simplify and strengthen your business structure to support your strategy. You’ll see how having the right people in the right places will support that strategy.


You’ll generate a business culture based on your vision, beliefs, and values. Then you’ll discover ways in which to ensure your people buy into your culture.

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