Advocate for Small Business

Help Us Change the World by Empowering Small Business Leaders

Aileron is a mission-driven nonprofit working to improve individual lives, businesses, communities, and our nation by being a community that raises the quality of life in America. We live our mission by empowering business owners with the DOC System, a transformative approach to running a thriving business.

As an Advocate, you’ve likely been witness to the power of our system, either experiencing it in your own company or watching it transform the lives of business leaders in our community. Either way, your sharing our message is critical to helping us share our business growth system with more leaders to help improve the lives of business owners, teams, families, and communities.

As you continue to spread Aileron’s mission and invite people to join our community, please use this page of resources to enhance your advocacy. Thank you for partnering with us to lift lives in America.

Make an Introduction

One of the most valuable ways you can support your small business community is by putting them in touch with our team and our resources. Our favorite way to meet new people is for our community members to make meaningful connections. To start a conversation, you can simply CC the person you talk to most frequently at Aileron in an email to facilitate a digital introduction. We’ll take it from there.

Be Social with Us

While it might not seem like a lot, sharing our message to your own network can help introduce people to Aileron who otherwise might not know about the resources we offer. A simple post can mean a lot in helping us to expand our community and support more business owners.

Share Our Resources

As an Advocate, you’re encouraged to share some of our most helpful resources with people in your life. Here are some our community have found valuable.

Digital Brochure

This digital flipbook is a perfect mini introduction to Aileron. While we love having conversations with people, sometimes they want to learn a little about us before a call.

Building Momentum Guide

This self-assessment introduces the DOC System and helps business owners assess the areas of their business that needs their attention the most.

Our Insights

Our blog is filled with business-building content that helps small businesses grow. It’s a great place for people to get a sense of who we are and learn a thing or two in the process.