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Nicole Loy | Aileron

Nicole Loy

Senior Client Engagement Coordinator

(937) 669-6534

As Aileron’s Senior Client Engagement Coordinator, Nicole Loy champions the client experience and uses creativity, collaboration, and a systems approach to improve how we interact with and support our community members. Nicole has a passion for helping communities and businesses thrive; previous to Aileron, she served as Executive Director of Troy Main Street, an organization providing economic support to help revitalize the city’s small business core.

Nicole is a natural team player; no matter her role, she’s driven to bring a group together to leverage the power of multiple perspectives. She’s humble and hardworking, and is unafraid to say she doesn’t know the answer to a question but quick to offer help in finding one. And she’s optimistic; Nicole believes having a positive attitude is the difference between average and high-performing teams.

Nicole lives in Piqua, Ohio where she owns a fitness studio that focuses on incorporating fun into the fitness experience. When she’s not at the office or teaching a workout class, you can find her exploring the outdoors while hiking or biking.

What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

“I’m always working to improve my ability to foresee the needs of others rather than waiting for them to ask for help. I like to be able to take the onus on myself to say, “It looks like you could use some support with this. Can I help?”

What are the values that drive you?

“I value creating a sense of belonging and community. It’s important to me that people feel welcome in my presence, no matter where we are.”

Why Aileron?

“I love that we empower people to strive both professionally and personally. When we’re helping businesses succeed, our work is also impacting their families and personal lives. That’s not something you get to do at every job.”

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