Who We Are

Kristen Rhoads

People Engagement Manager

(937) 669-6516

Kristen has always found her purpose in helping others discover the meaning behind what they do. Open-minded and creative, she joined Aileron to focus on people—and as the daughter of a small business owner, she has a soft spot for the community that Aileron serves.

Described by her coworkers as goofy, easygoing, and empathetic, Kristen can find common ground with everyone. As Aileron’s People Engagement Manager, Kristen devotes her days to developing relationships with Aileron’s many contributors—passionately seeking to understand their perspective, show them their value, and learn from their motivation. Kristen’s heart for people is also evident as she invests in her local Cincinnati community with friends, family, and her husband, Jason. She also loves hiking and traveling, especially to the west coast where her favorite destinations are Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Yosemite, and anywhere in Montana.

At Aileron, Kristen is enabled to pursue her passion for leadership development by focusing on the person behind the business. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or by email.

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