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Krista Powell | Aileron

Krista Powell

Director of Product Development, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

(937) 669-6568

As Director of Product Development, Krista Powell helps bring Aileron’s strategy to life by designing and developing Aileron’s products and services, ensuring they empower business leaders to grow in professional management. She also works directly with Aileron community members as a Leadership Coach, leveraging her deep understanding of organizational change and her background in professional management implementation across a variety of cultures and roles.

Krista is naturally transparent; when she doesn’t know the answer, she isn’t afraid to say so – and she’s invigorated by finding it. She seeks to understand others’ points of view, and leans into curiosity over judgment. And she sees the opportunity in everything; Krista is easily excited about new ideas, and can envision the potential of an idea even in its infancy.

Krista is a third-generation entrepreneur; her father and grandparents were both small business owners, and today Krista runs a branding and design agency, Christopher and Mae, with her husband Jon. When not working on the business, she’s knee-deep in a DIY project or spending time with her three children, adventuring to nearby museums, parks, and attractions.

What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

“Everything. I love learning and I see an opportunity for improvement in every aspect of my life. I’m also really passionate, so it’s easy for me to put my whole self into everything I do.”

What are the values that drive you?

“I have a high sense of both independence and interdependence; I love collaborating with a team, and at the same time I love autonomy. I am creative, so I enjoy designing and developing the experiences that we offer at Aileron. And I also have a high sense of responsibility – I’m driven to make an impact in what we do.”

Why Aileron?

“I have seen the impact that a well-run company can have on individuals’ lives, their families, and their communities – and I’ve also experienced companies that were not well-run, and the impact it had. I really believe professional management is making people’s lives and communities better.”

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