Who We Are

Chris McAtee

Business Advisor

(937) 669-6524

As an Aileron Business Advisor, Chris engages with business owners and leaders to help them set their strategies, grow their companies, and change their lives both personally and professionally. Chris began his relationship with Aileron in Course for Presidents, and after a career in various operational and executive leadership roles, he joined the team to help fulfill our mission of improving lives across America.

Chris believes a meaningful life – and meaningful work – begins and ends with people; he’s naturally driven to build deep and lasting relationships. He’s adept at listening and observing people and organizations to suss out the core issues preventing growth. And he’s a dedicated lifelong learner; currently Chris is learning how to play the piano.

Chris loves to travel with his wife and best friend, Theresa. They enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren, and getting away for a sunny, beachside vacation. When he’s at home, you can find Chris at the gym, singing with his church choir, or with his nose in a book.

What’s something you’re constantly striving to get better at?

“I’m always working on my own personal development in the areas of human connection, business knowledge, leadership practices, and spirituality. I work hard to practice active listening and suspending judgement.”

What are the values that drive you?

“Family values – caring for others and helping them no matter where they are now or where they want to be.”

Why Aileron?

“Aileron’s mission perfectly aligns with my personal values – helping other people get better. Here we do it with business organizations and leaders, but it’s still an execution of my personal mission.”

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