Vision, Mission, and Values

Articulate Your Aspirations and Align Your Team to Realize Them

To make a dream a reality, you first have to identify what you’re working towards. Document your vision for the future, your aim for your company, and your guiding principles as you empower your team to harmoniously bring the future desired state of your business to fruition. To get started, sign up for a complimentary 45-minute conversation with an Aileron facilitator who will work with you to define the approach that’s right for you.

Why sign up?

A company without a vision and mission is like a captain without a map. This time gives you the clarity and confidence you need to move your company and team in the right direction.

What is it?

Dedicated time for you and an Aileron facilitator to explore your dreams for the future and express them in clear, concise, actionable, and inspiring language.

Who should sign up?

A business leader who wants to align a team to a shared future state of the organization and empower them to realize it.


  • Tony Collins
    Business Advisor and Facilitator
  • Wendy Vloedman
    Business Advisor and Facilitator

What Our Community Says

“I feel challenged to honestly look inside my beliefs and values to help benefit my team.”

Jay Sanner, Ramco Electronic Motors

“Aileron is a key ingredient to our recipe. Helps me develop know-how, reignite passion, and awaken to clearer visions.”

David Watkins, Watkins Mechanical